Exterior Home Cleaning

Exterior Home Cleaning for Most Siding Materials

Exterior Home Cleaning


We offer expert home exterior cleaning in the Northampton, PA area for all of the most popular siding types. Our safe and effective pressure washing methods work well for vinyl siding, older aluminum siding, stucco, wood shingles and shakes, brick, stonework, and more. The last thing you want is a clean home exterior with dents, worn surfaces, or any other damage that may come with high-pressure washing offered by other companies.

Not only do we use the best equipment and methods for each type of siding material, our technicians are expertly trained in the best practices that minimize risk to almost nothing. Our client testimonials prove that we deliver exceptional service that you can trust.

How Your Northampton, PA Home’s Exterior Gets Dirty

The progression of new and clean exterior siding materials becoming dirty and dingy ones is extremely gradual and subtle. In fact, many homeowners in the Northampton, PA area and beyond may not notice it happening at all. Until one day, they realize that their house looks worse than all the others on the block. No one wants their property to be an eyesore, so it makes sense to hire the experts at Dri-Masters for exterior home cleaning even before you notice anything is wrong.

Dirt on the shingles, stucco, brick, or other siding material on your Northampton, PA home accumulates over time. It comes from rain and snow, pollution in the air, pollen, dust, and splashback from dirt on the ground being disturbed during weather events. It also comes from the growth of organic materials like mildew and moss.

Enjoy Worry-free Washing Services Guaranteed

In fact, we are so confident that you will love our exterior home cleaning services that we guarantee the results. We perform these washing services on one and two-story homes in the Northampton, PA area of all sizes, shapes, and styles. Every service appointment includes the utmost respect and cares for your property. Our technicians do everything possible to minimize damage to your landscaping design, gardens, and yard.

The final results speak for themselves. Your home’s siding will look as good as new once more when we safely remove the discolorations, stains, dust and dirt, and accumulation of pollutants and other particles that occur over the years. Getting rid of mildew and moss can even increase the longevity of your siding, brickwork, and more.

Water, dirt, organic growth, and time all contribute to the exterior of your home looking less than its best as the years go by.

If you want to maintain or improve curb appeal for your residential property, call in the experts to perform exterior home cleaning that works. We offer safe and effective pressure washing services for residential customers in Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. With less time than you think, you can enjoy the look of refreshed and rejuvenated siding once again.

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