Carpet cleaning is something we all struggle with. Dirt that is trapped in your carpets is like those thousands of blades that will cut your carpet.

Also, the accumulated dirt in the fibers will dull the shine of your carpet, and this is the reason why high traffic areas of the carpet appear to be dirty.

In short, carpet cleaning is a tiresome job. So to deal with this work, let’s check the maintenance tips mentioned below.

10 Easy Carpet Maintenance Tips

Tip 1: Remove your shoes

Never wear shoes in the carpeted room, avoid them. And, if you want to wear your footwears then get a separate one from the ones that you wear outside.

Tip 2: Treat the stains at once

We often tend to become lazy and avoid cleaning the carpet when something spills or falls. But, the stain that is fresh and readily removal becomes stubborn and tough to remove.

Tip 3: Avoid use of powder products

Use of powder might reduce the odor from your carpets, but the particles may still be remaining. And, the traces will come to your notice only next time when you are going to clean it.

Tip 4: Cheap solution

It is not necessary that you clean your carpets only with costly solutions or with the agents available in the market.

You can go for simple home remedies like vinegar, toothpaste, shaving cream and baking soda to name a few, to get your work done.

Tip 5: Do regular vacuuming

Cleaning is a must for your carpets and vacuum can be a boon to them. Regularly done will help you to maintain the quality of your carpets with less than expected efforts.

And do horizontal and vertical vacuums to achieve better results.

Tip 6: Employ extractor to pull maximum water

The machines are generally so that the blow first the water and then extract it. Then, during extraction pull it slowly so that it can get out as much as possible water from your carpet.

Tip 7: Train your pets

Training your pets in your house can avoid accidents on your carpet reducing your problems.

And, if your pet litters then use rubber mats for them to move and play around freely.

Tip 8: UV rays harmful to your carpets

Exposure to intense UV light can age your carpets faster than expected so bind them before you leave for the day.

Tip 9: Use nozzle to clean the hard areas

The areas which consist of large furniture that can not be moved should be cleaned with cranny extensions.

Taking these steps can help your carpets to be clean and your homes to be beautiful.

Tip 10: Hire a local, professional carpet cleaner

If you’re always running short on time or are affirmative that DIY carpet cleaning isn’t your thing then calling up a local carpet cleaning professional is the right thing to do.

They are armed with the required knowledge and skills and render your carpets spot-free. Their services are utterly effective and affordable. For expert carpet cleaning services in Columbia, call Dri Masters at 800-897-4032.