Tile and grout colors should compliment each other in your home design. If you choose a beautiful tile and neglect to think about the grout color to pair it with, then you’ll sell your design short. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting an appropriate tile and grout combination.

Most grout colors are fairly neutral, so there are not too many “colors” to choose from per say. The varieties that exist are usually in the brown, gray, white or black families. The main question then, lies in whether you want your shade of grout to blend in with or stand out from your tiles. For example, if your tile is a dark blue, then a darker grout color, like dark gray, will blend in with the tile more than a bright white grout.

You might want your grout to stand out, especially if your tile has a unique shape and makes an interesting pattern. Or if you want a more uniform look to your tiled area, then a color that matches more closely will be more appropriate. An example of this is for natural stone tiles, which often are intended to present a more uniform texture.

There are a lot of opportunities to be creative with your grout and tile color combinations. Once you’ve selected your design, be sure to seal your grout against stains. If you want to keep your tile and grout colors as beautiful as the day they were installed, contact Dri-Masters for a tile and grout cleaning that will renew their original colors and brilliance.