Our company is proud to use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and techniques on the interior and exterior of your home. Whether we are blasting away years of dirt and oil stains on your concrete driveway or polishing up your antique dining table, we use techniques and products that are both non-toxic for your family as well as less harmful for the environment. We know that not everyone can operate this way, so we want to caution our readers to be wary of harmful effects from less eco-friendly cleaning techniques.

Some of the possibly dangerous effects of regular cleaning solutions and techniques come from dumping toxic chemicals into the water system or nearby soil. Regular cleaning solutions for bathrooms and sinks include strong chemicals that can go down your drain when you rinse and damage your pipes or be drained into nearby water sources like oceans and rivers and have harmful effects on the environment. Also, if you use harsh chemicals while cleaning your home’s exterior, you can wash those chemicals into the soil and storm drains around your property, having similar effects.

For more information about our commitment to using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, contact Dri-Masters today.