If you hire professional carpet cleaners in Columbia, then you can sit back and relax.

But to speed up the cleaning process and prevent accidents, you should prepare yourself beforehand.

The carpet cleaners will be able to serve you better if there are lesser distractions.

Some get exhausted and over prepare their house while some ignore it completely. So how much is too much?

Once you schedule an appointment with the carpet cleaner near you, here are a few useful things that you can do before the professional carpet cleaners arrive.

Keep reading to know what needs to be taken care of before professional carpet cleaners arrive.

8 Useful Steps to Prepare Before the Professional Carpet Cleaners Arrive

1. Declutter the Place

Carpet cleaners use long hoses, cords, and heavy equipment and move around the house.

So they should get enough space to move around freely. Things like toys, shoes, socks, plants and pots, floor lamps, and such items can act as obstacles in the cleaning process.

Keep these things in another room.

Breakable and fragile items should be kept in closets or a safe place to prevent them from getting damaged.

2. Vacuum the Carpet

Not all carpet cleaners will vacuum the carpets.

They may directly proceed to deep clean the carpets. Vacuuming the carpet doesn’t take much time and efforts.

So you can do it yourself to get rid of the upper layer of dirt and hair.

You should also dust your house before vacuuming so that you don’t dirty the carpet once it’s cleaned.

3. Keep Your Valuables Safe

Never keep your valuables exposed during the cleaning. There is a chance that they might get lost in the clutter and you may not be able to find it later.

So it’s always better to keep your valuables like cash or jewelry and small electronic appliances in a safe place.

4. Move the Furniture

Move smaller furniture like chairs and tables to other rooms so that the professionals can clean the carpets better.

Ensure that you move it to areas like the garage or kitchen so that it doesn’t come in the way of the cleaners.

If moving large furniture is difficult. push it against the wall to make enough space for cleaning.

If you leave the moving process to the professionals, it may reflect in your final bill.

5. Lift the Curtains

Curtains and drapes can get stained if left hanging and touching the floor. Keep the curtains or drapes off the floor so that they don’t disrupt the cleaning process.

You can tuck the curtain on the rod and secure it firmly or use a hanger

6. Allot a Parking Space

Most carpet cleaners arrive in trucks loaded with all their equipment and machinery.

To ensure that you allow a parking space near your house to help them carry the equipment inside easily.

They may need to connect the hose from their truck into your house, which is possible only if the truck is parked nearby.

7. Note the Concerned Areas

Make a note of the areas that are under influence of high traffic and need extra attention.

Carpet cleaners are expert in stain removal but it would be better if you can tell them the cause of the stain.

It will help them use the appropriate chemicals/equipment and they can focus on removing the stains.

8. Stay Out of Their Way

Talk to the professionals to see how long the cleaning process will take.

They may not like being disturbed during cleaning. So prepare to try and plan something during that time to keep yourself occupied.

If you have kids and/or pets, plan something for them to and ensure they don’t come in contact with the cleaning equipment.

They may be sensitive to the chemicals used and get frightened by the loud noise of the machinery.

Once you have decided to hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Columbia, you can contact Dri-Masters to maintain your carpet and make it look as good as new.