There’s always a point in our lives when we come across a few household chores we aren’t well versed with, for some it could be cooking and for some, it could be cleaning.

Most people in Philadelphia realize this when they move out of their homes and have to start doing things on their own.

If you are a noob to the world of cleaning, especially carpet cleaning, you have come to the right place.

Let’s discuss what information newbies like you need to have to get professional help and what will work best with your budget.

You need to know the typical services provided by these professionals; if the service is feasible and which is the best type of cleaning for your carpet.

Standardized Services Offered by Most Carpet Cleaning Companies

1. Hot Water Extraction

One of the preferred methods used for cleaning carpets is the hot water extraction method, also called steam cleaning.

Hot water is forced into the fibers of the carpet by the machine, and it sucks all the dirt at the same time leaving it warm and quick to dry.

In case your carpet is heavy, you might need detergent.

This is an excellent way to eradicate odor and germs too.

For ensuring longer life of your carpet, this method is highly recommended.

This process takes a lot of time. Hence, it isn’t advisable if you want to get it done in a jiffy.

2. Bonnet Cleaning

This method is advised if you have a comparatively new carpet, less dirty and not a really old carpet.

Sometimes, this method is confused with the dry cleaning method.

In this cleaning procedure, a mixture of an absorbent solution, along with carbonated water is used all over the carpet to clean it.

A bonnet machine with a covering is supposed to run over all the carpet.

It cleans only partially, only the first layer. A deep clean isn’t done. Therefore, this method is primarily used commercially to provide a quick fix.

3. Dry Carpet Cleaning

As the name suggests, it’s pretty dry, i.e. no use of water. It’s one of the fastest and popularly growing cleaning methods in today’s world – preferred by professionals and homeowners alike.

An absorbent solution/cleaning compound is sprayed all over the carpet using a brush.

A vacuum cleaner is run over the carpet rigorously to suck up all the cleaning compound containing the dirt.

This method is suggested for the old carpets you have at your place, which haven’t been cleaned in years.

Hence, a deep clean will be beneficial.

Thorough vacuum cleaning is a must because if the cleaning compound remains, it will leave behind residue which is visible on clothes as well as on shoes.

4. Carpet Shampooing

An old buddy to carpets, this method includes pouring rug friendly solution on your carpet.

Then a brush is used to scrub the surface, after which it is left to dry.

Once the foam dries, it gets converted into solid particles. This is then vacuumed.

The carpet has this gooey feel to it as it isn’t washed and it takes too much time to dry.

5. Encapsulation

This method uses a specific detergent, which converts into crystals or powdered form when it dries up.

The agent is sprayed on the carpet, and then a brush is used to spread it on the rug.

The detergent particles surround the dirt particles, hence the name encapsulation. Then, vacuuming is carried out.

You need to check what product is your local carpet cleaning company is using because the cheap ones are not good for your carpet.

Also, this method isn’t useful if your carpet has grease patches.

What are the Average Carpet Cleaning Costs?

The average carpet cleaning cost across the USA is $175. The cheapest could be as low as $76 and it can go up to $350 or even more.

That said, the standard price range usually varies from $121 to $234.

In Philadelphia, the average cost of carpet cleaning is $32.50 per hour (Range: $25.00 – $40.00).

The price may vary for an entire room keeping in mind if the room has furniture or not.

While hiring carpet cleaning services, keep in mind all the factors, like the condition of your carpet, its wear, and tear,

If it’s well maintained, then you can opt for a cheaper service rather than an expensive one.

If your carpet is old and not very clean, it’s better to opt for an expensive service so that the life of your carpet increases.

After professional carpet cleaning is done, then all you need to do is maintain it well.

Always remember like you, your carpet requires care too. If your schedule is too busy and you don’t have time for cleaning it, you can always get in touch with Dri-Masters who provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

If you’re looking for a local carpet cleaning service in Philadelphia, call 800-897-4032 to schedule an appointment. They are affordable, and they do the job  ‘as you, like it’.

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