With winter almost on its way out, it’s time to wrap up the winter carpet cleaning in Leesburg, Va.

“Why?” You ask.

This is because carpet cleaning depends upon various factors – carpet type, fibers, age, foot-traffic of humans and non-humans and geographic and climatic conditions too.

What is so different? Let’s take a quick look.

Winter vs Spring Carpet Cleaning Leesburg

Winter has some of the coldest months of the year and it is not very conducive to vegetation.

Spring, on the other hand, is regarded as a time of rebirth by many poets.

And why not?

The atmosphere is pleasant and pretty blossoms and sweet fragrances fill the air

Winter invites moisture, dew and liquid in numerous forms.

Imagine all of this combining with dust, debris, stalks and god knows whatever is at the bottom of your shoes and snow boots.

These agents can potentially damage your carpet more than you think!

During spring, you open up your doors and windows to let the gentle breeze pass through but with it arrives dirt, pollen, mold spores, exhaustive fumes and whatever is wandering aimlessly in the air.

Your carpets and upholstery trap all of it.

So it doesn’t matter if it’s winter or spring, you have to clean your carpet regularly for a healthy living.

Carpet Cleaning in the Spring Season

There are two ways to get your carpet cleaned and as good as new in spring.

1. DIY Carpet Cleaning (Your Fave)

The secret of successful carpet cleaning in spring is investing your time and energy in vacuuming to eliminate dirt, grime, and debris.

If not everyday, vacuum every alternate day. Regular vacuuming will prevent dust and debris from resting on the carpets.

You can choose to rent a carpet cleaning machine or purchase one.

However, both come with their set of pros and cons. But either way, these carpet cleaning machines get your carpets clean.

Remember to give your carpet the drying time it deserves.

Attend any stain ASAP! 

There are plenty of carpet cleaning solutions readily available in the markets. You can also opt for the universal ingredients – baking soda and vinegar.

Following the practices mentioned above will ensure your carpet stays spot-free and germ free for long.

2. Professional Carpet Cleaning (Our Fave)

Did you know that spring is the best time to schedule an appointment with your local carpet cleaning company?

Your local carpet cleaning company in Leesburg, Va can restore your carpets from all the damage incurred during the winter season.

You can have your carpets ready for spring and years to come by availing some amazing deal or discounts!

Since the carpet cleaning business doesn’t pick up immediately after winter, many professional carpet cleaning companies have special offers So why not take advantage of that?

What’s more is that the local carpet cleaners will employ the most appropriate techniques to rend your carpet the way you aspire.

Not only can they help you save time, but also energy and costs.

Hire an Expert Carpet Cleaner in Leesburg, VA Today!

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