Carpet cleaning may not be the foremost in the minds of most homeowners.

But having carpets laid out in the house, it is something homeowners need to consider at some time or another.

Carpet manufacturers strongly recommend for care and maintenance of the carpets.

Most homeowners vacuum their carpets regularly, but it is recommended to do it every day.

Though, no matter how regularly you vacuum your carpet, dirt and debris settle down deep inside your carpet and are not easily removed by a vacuum.

DIY methods may seem cost effective, but are they helpful in cleaning your carpet efficiently compared to a professional cleaning?

Below we have listed out some pros and cons for professional carpet cleaning methods and do-it-yourself methods of carpet cleaning.

Pros of Professional Carpet Cleaning

1. Cost

The cost of a professional carpet cleaning varies from one company to another.

$30 to $50 for a single room is a reasonable price that goes for a professional carpet cleaning.

Price shouldn’t be your only consideration, as you can get $100 worth of cleaning for your 3 room ranch, but with a sub-par cleaning.

2. Saves time

Hiring a professional for carpet cleaning means, that you are saving yourself from all the hard work.

The carpet cleaning service will move the furniture, clean the carpet and put the furniture back.

3. Much better quality cleaning

Carpet cleaning professional are experienced personals who are experts in making your carpet look new again.

Hence, it is almost impossible to match their quality of cleaning.

4. Cost effective in the long run

Having your carpet cleaned at least once in a year will protect your carpet in the long term, while also maintaining their overall quality, look, and feel for years to come.

Cons of Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t have too many disadvantages, except that the overall cost of professional services is significantly more expensive than renting a carpet cleaning machine

Pros of Do-it-yourself (DIY) carpet cleaning methods

1. Cost

If you are planning to clean your carpet yourself, then you can rent a machine from the local grocery store or hardware store for $20 to $35 a day.

The solutions and tools will cost you an extra $20. The cost of a basic model of carpet cleaning machine is around $200 to $300.

2. Small stains and spills

DIY methods are very helpful in removing those small stains or the little wine spills on the carpet.

It saves you from a huge cost of cleaning the whole carpet at once.

3. Saves your, those extra bucks

Do-it-yourself methods of carpet cleaning will be much cheaper than what renting a carpet cleaning machine would costs.

By purchasing a carpet cleaning machine, you will save money in the long run.

4. More power to you

With DIY methods of carpet cleaning, you have the power to decide when and how your carpets will be cleaned. Moreover, you can focus more on tough stains and high-traffic areas.

Cons for DIY methods of carpet cleaning

Professional cleaners are experts in cleaning your carpets, so when you choose to clean your carpet yourself, you run the risk of accidentally damaging your carpet.

Having no expertise in carpet cleaning, you might over-wet your carpet, use too much cleaning solution or do not properly dry the carpet.

Another disadvantage is that the process is very time-consuming between moving the furniture, cleaning the carpet, drying it and then moving the furniture back.

You can hire a professional and get it all done taking a professional’s help.

Your carpets will thank you for hiring a professional carpet cleaner for its maintenance and care.

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