With their bigger bellies and shorter legs, puppies are adorable. They provide hours of entertainment as they bump into furniture and chase imaginary insects.

Puppies can also cause accidents on the carpet. When house training your puppy, experts at Pet WebMD suggest these guidelines:

• Feed on a schedule – Puppies eat more often because they are growing. Be sure to remove the food bowl after mealtime.
• Potty on a schedule – First thing in the morning, after each meal, every 30 minutes to 1 hour, and right before bedtime, take your puppy out to void or defecate. Sometimes you can prevent accidents by letting your dog “try” to do her business outside instead of inside.
• Potty at the same spot – Some trainers call dogs’ eliminations “craft projects” and we will, too. These craft projects leave a lingering smell which indicates the correct spot to leave some more. The odors that you may not be able to perceive act like a trigger for your puppy.
• Clean up accidents – Rubbing your puppy’s nose in a soiled carpet or complaining loudly will not prevent future accidents. Clean area right away with an enzymatic cleaner to kill the odor and color. Blot the area to bring the liquid up. Don’t rub.

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