Most homeowners choose polyester carpets because of its lustrous look, smooth texture and stain resistant nature.

Moreover, they are inexpensive and fade resistant. Although polyester may be a favorite choice, their soft nature makes them wear out easily.

They are oil loving hydrocarbons, which means that they attract dust and dirt quickly.

This makes the carpet sticky and dirty, letting germs penetrate into them very easily.

If you don’t clean polyester carpets for a long time, they will develop a yellow layer over the fibers.

So it is crucial to clean and maintain polyester carpets regularly.


Polyester carpets are not heat-resistant. When exposed to excessive heat, they melt. So avoid exposing them to extreme heat.

Here are 6 maintenance tips for your polyester carpets!

1. Vacuum Regularly

Regular maintenance is a must for any carpets. When it comes to polyester carpets, you will have to maintain them with extra caution.

Regular vacuuming is a great idea. Ensure you do it at least once a week. Focus more on high traffic areas.

A regular vacuum will ensure the following.

  • It cleans the carpet extensively and also the debris beneath it.
  • It fluffs up the carpet that tends to get crushed over time due to high traffic.
  • The buildup of an oily layer, dirt as well as soil can be avoided when vacuumed at regular intervals.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Try and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. This will ensure that the carpets don’t fade.

3. Move Furniture Around

It is always a good idea to move the heavy furniture around every few months to counteract the patterns formed on your carpet.

When you do this, you avoid causing a permanent mark on the carpets.


Using gliders or caps on the base of your bulky furniture will help avoid indentation marks on the carpets.

4. Test Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Usually, the color of these carpets doesn’t run easily. But you have to be careful when using any carpet cleaning products.

Test the solution in an inconspicuous spot. There is nothing worse than applying a cleaner on the entire carpet without testing.

You may just end up ruining the carpet. In fact, every carpet cleaning solutions have instructions. Follow them very closely

5. Clean Stains Immediately

These carpets do not absorb the stains! But that doesn’t mean you can delay cleaning the stains.

The good news is that cleaning stains or spills on polyester carpets are much more manageable due to its supple texture.

6. Eco-friendly Cleaning  

You can also clean your carpet with a chemical free solution. For this, you need to use a cup of white vinegar and water.

Mix the solution thoroughly and spray it on the stain.

Then sprinkle some baking soda on the spot and allow it to settle for some time.

Take a clean cloth and blot the spot. Vacuum if possible and then allow it to dry.

After some time, you’ll find your carpets clean and as beautiful as before!

You can always get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning service in Baltimore and nearby areas to get them cleaned thoroughly.

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