After spending weeks at home earlier this year, many of us have started noticing things about our homes that may have slipped through the cracks of our busy schedules. Since not all of us are handy with tools, the first home improvement project invariably ends up being cleaning.

You’ve cleaned your countertops, dusted everything, and sorted piles of clothes to donate, and now you’re left with dirty couches and greasy cabinets giving you side-eye. Before you get cleaning, you should know a few basics to make sure you don’t suddenly need to visit Ikea when they finally re-open.

Remember, not all furniture is equal.
Even if something says “all-purpose” cleaner on it, that doesn’t mean you can start applying it liberally to your wood, glass, and fabric furniture without discretion. Take the time to read the labels on all your cleaning solutions so you know what’s most appropriate.

Also, remember that cleaning solutions can give off strong fumes. If you have the means, order some non-toxic cleaning supplies for your home. Alternatively, keep a window open to ventilate any fumes that could be harmful.

If all this sounds as exhausting to you as it was to write up, make an appointment with Dri-Masters. We can clean any and all of your furniture, carpets, and other heavy duty cleaning projects that your home needs.