Sometimes we get sudden reactions to allergens that never happened before. It is possible to develop allergies throughout our lifetimes, whether as children or as adults. If you or a family member is having an unexplained allergic reaction, a doctor might recommend getting your carpet cleaned to remove excess dust, pet dander, or any other possible sources of allergies. Here are a few allergens that can be removed or reduced by professional carpet cleaning.

Dust – All carpets collect dust. Even if you regularly vacuum your carpets, dust can settle deeply into the fibers of your carpets, especially if they are of a thicker pile.
Pet Hair or Dander – You might only have pet-sit for your friend that one time, but dogs, cats and other domesticated animals can leave behind traces of dander and fur that can trigger an allergic reaction.
Pollen – Even indoors, pollen can come into the home through open windows and doors or through plants and flowers that are brought inside. The pollen that floats around your home unnoticed can settle into your carpet and cause problems.

If you have been experiencing allergic reactions to an unknown source in your home, contact Dri-Masters for a thorough carpet cleaning.