Your carpet is probably the first thing anyone notices when paying a visit. Will a wrinkly, old carpet loaded with stains, and emitting a foul odor create a great impression?

Do you know carpets too have a lifespan? Well, yes you read that right and once that lifespan expires no matter how time you invest in carpet cleaning, you can never restore it as it used to be.

Your carpet also gives you signs that it has got old and needs to be replaced ASAP and I am here to inform you about how these signs appear like and if you have a spouse who isn’t agreeing to your decision you need to make them read this blog ASAP. Let’s get into-

8 signs which scream to get your carpet replaced

1. Wear and Tear

Your carpet looks bigtime trashy and dirty if it’s got wear and tear no matter how clean you keep it.

See through the patches, tears here and there, fraying and flat areas are the signs that your carpet is an oldie now.

Fibers in the carpet start fraying and matting within the time span of 3-5 years. The average life expectancy of a carpet is 5-15 years from the date of installation.

The areas that are used the most like stairs, living spaces and hallways receive the most wear and tear. Therefore, if these signs are reflecting you probably get the carpet replaced.

2. Allergies

Carpet is the hub of dust mites, dirt, pollen, dust and other allergens that can cause you some serious irritation or athlete’s foot.

Even though you clean your carpet sincerely, they find their way to come back.

But, you can only clean your carpet if it hasn’t worn out otherwise it will get really tough.

It’s recommended to get your carpet cleaned once in a year by a carpet cleaning professional to maintain its lifespan however if you clean it too often it will reduce the lifespan.

3. Old Padding

Like the above carpet, the padding underneath your carpet also gets degraded.

It gets dirty and grimes the ground in itself and gets flatten too.
The life expectancy of the padding depends on the material that has been used on the carpet.

#Trivia- Urethane is the best padding materials, and it lasts up to 25 years.

It better to replace your carpet when you are replacing the padding. With the right kind of maintenance, your carpets can last for a good span of time but ultimately it would be replaced, and that’s where your judgment kicks in.

4. Damage Due to Water & Mold

If there’s damage due to water and mold, hands down you need to replace your carpet at the earliest. There is no better indicator than this and on a very personal note go and buy a new carpet right now!

Water or wet stains are caused by leaking pipes in kitchens, bathrooms or ceilings, and this leads to mold mounting up.

Always make sure your pipes are intact because not your carpet but leaking is going to damage other house properties.

Mold is dangerous especially for those with Asthma, and it can also, cause severe mold allergies. It causes hay-fever symptoms like red eye, sneezing and coughing.

The best way to avoid it by purchasing a mold testing kit and check if you have got mold on your carpet or not.

5. Stains

If your carpet is stained too much and the stains won’t let go, it’s time to go on a shopping spree and shop for a new carpet.

Stains are a result of wear & tear, also the accidents that take place, spilling wine, nail paint, other beverages on it. In case you have to rent or sell your place I would suggest you deal with those stains because a dirty carpet gets your home devalued.

To get rid of the stains you can always call in a carpet cleaning professional and ask them for help.

6. Bad Smell

A foul odor is the first thing that hits people when they enter your house.

Examples of the above include, smell of dirt, food stains, if you own a pet you might have pee stain smell too and feet that have piled up after all these years of effort.

If your carpet emits such odors and you have tried everything but it not yet went, there are three words for you- REPLACE YOUR CARPET.

7. Lifespan

The average life of a carpet is between 5-15 years. A majority of us and especially landlords don’t replace carpets so often.

Do we really know how old the carpet in our house is? You might be a kid, and it was still there, and now you have kids, and it is still there.

Ultimately as a homeowner, it’s your call to replace the carpet. However, if your carpet shows the aging signs, it’s time to replace it.

8. Aesthetics

Honestly, carpets stay around for so long that they get outdated.
Imagine living in 2018 with a carpet that was hip back in the 70’s, not a good idea.

The old rugs you own were good back then not now and had a carpet that has seen centuries changing isn’t right regarding health too.

So, now you know what you need to do if you have such an old carpet at your place…… Exactly! You replace it

Now, that you know when you replace your carpet and when you replace it to give it a long life, call a professional carpet cleaner near you so that they come and clean your carpet for that long life.

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