Most of our homes in Frederick are adorned with carpets today, but the significant problem with them is cleaning.

Cleaning the carpets in a way that our children and the pets are not harmed. Today, people are becoming aware of the environment and the ill-effects of using hard agents when it comes to cleaning.

Carpets are used in homes to make our living more sophisticated and comfortable. But over-time due to frequent use they accumulate dust particles and debris in them.

These elements can be one of the critical factors leading to acute health issues.

People want solutions that give long lasting cleanliness and relief from the problems. Do chemicals only possess the property of removing and cleaning your carpets? No, there are few remedies, which when implemented, provide an efficient solution to cleaning problems and which are Eco-friendly too.

5 Efficient Method of Carpet Cleaning

Method 1 

  • When you have pets at your place, the accident is a common problem. In this case, to get
  • rid of urine permanently without leaving behind a stain or odor you can prepare a solution.
  • You need hydrogen peroxide(16 Oz), one tablespoon baking soda and dishwashing liquid.
  • Mix all the three ingredients correctly, apply this mixture to the affected area, let it dry.
  • After drying, vacuum it or brush it, this will eliminate your problem.
  • This method has always proofed to be great and has never failed.

Method 2

  • Next method consists of water, baking soda (1-2 cups) and 10-12 drops of essential oils.
  • Mix all these elements, sprinkle it wherever needed and then vacuum it.
  • This will help you to remove the stains and also act as a room freshener.

Method 3

  • If you find a stain on your carpet, pour a little vinegar on the stain.
  • Then after some time, sprinkle some baking powder over vinegar.
  • You will observe that together, they bubble up and after a time absorb the stain.
  • Blot the stain with a clean cloth, let it dry and then vacuum it.
  • You will find that the stain is no more!

Method 4

  • For making a natural cleaner, mix a half cup of each, baking soda and borax with 20-25
  • drops of essential oils.
  • Pour this mixture into a sprinkler, then sprinkle it on the stain of your carpet.
  • Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then vacuum it.
  • This will remove the stain and odor too!

Method 5

Have you ever thought that iron that you use for your clothes could be used for removing those tough stains on your carpet?

Probably not, but yes iron can be a that significant element to remove the stain and bring the carpet back to its previous state.

  • For this, vacuum your carpet to ensure that no particles are left, then damp it with a cloth concentrated with a solution made from vinegar and water.
  • Now, move your iron over the fabric. After a time, the stain will be absorbed into the cloth, fading the stain as much as possible.

Carpet cleaning is a tough task, and if proper elements are not used, it might be a loss for the carpet’s quality. You need a professional help after a time; so hire a professional service in your area and get rid of your carpet cleaning problems.

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