Depending on the quality and grade of the carpets, they can last anywhere between one and 25 years, on an average.

So, with constant use, and wear and tear – especially in high traffic areas – carpets are bound to lose their sheen.

This is when most people consider replacing it! However, it can burn a huge hole in your pocket.

So, why not just try cleaning it professionally?

Although carpets may seem to reach the end of their life, they can actually be used for a few more years if cleaned thoroughly.

If you have stains, spills or flattened carpets, you can definitely call a professional carpet cleaner in Baltimore or nearby.

4 Factors That Determine the Better Option – Replacing or Cleaning Carpets

1. Age/Duration

Professional carpet cleaning can do wonders, even on older carpets.

Age is certainly a factor while determining the life of your carpet.

No doubt, the overall lifespan varies depending on the traffic your carpet experiences on a daily basis.

When the technicians from Dri-Masters arrive at your place, they will do a thorough inspection of your carpet, equally determining the quality of it, which will help you to determine whether to replace or repair your carpet.

They are aware that older carpets need extreme conditioning as compared to newer ones.

Hence, steam cleaning is the perfect professional remedy for such carpets.


The best way to freshen up your carpet is to take it out in the sun where it can soak up maximum amount of sunlight, killing all germs and getting rid of dead cells and dirt accumulated in it, making it lighter than before.

2. Worn Out or Dirty

You carpet color starts to fade and the fibers get entangled due to breakage.

Your first thought is probably replacement, isn’t it?

However, even dirty carpets can look faded, especially when not cared or cleaned properly.

Effects of Improper Carpet Cleaning

  • Soapy residue from detergent tends to attract more dirt, especially when scarce amount of water is used while cleaning, leaving behind a trail of residue.
  • Over wetting carpets can cause damage as well. So, if your rugs are showing signs of wear and tear before time, then it may be a good idea to have them professionally cleaned.

So, don’t rush to replace your carpets, they can still be saved!

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Do you have a limited budget for cleaning your carpet? Then check out our guide to carpet cleaning tips that will save you money.

3. Type of Stains

Stains such as ink, blood, wine (red or white), and pet urine do more damage than simple mud or dirt stains.

So, you need to take immediate action against such stains.

Use DIY techniques or call a professional, your choice.

If you are confident enough to take care of the stain without harming your carpet, then maybe you can experiment with a DIY carpet cleaning method.

However, keep in mind that a professional can handle any sort of stains, including the ones which cause discoloration, using advanced cleaning equipment.

In spite of trying everything, if the carpets still don’t look all that clean, then consider replacing your carpet, but as a last resort!

4. Style

Your new house may need new carpets throughout.

There will be times when the carpet style is outdated and no longer fits in with the decor.

New carpets will certainly add to the look of your newly renovated home.

These are probably the only times when replacing the carpet makes the most sense.

Seeking Professional Help From an Expert Carpet Cleaning Company

Are you still unsure about whether you should clean or replace your carpet?

Schedule an appointment on 1800 897 4032 to discuss about the condition of your carpet.

The technician will do a physical inspection to give you the best estimate.

Why Dri-Masters?

In business since 1992, licensed and insured family-owned business, Dri-Masters provides you with expert technicians who guarantee the safety of your property and ensure cleaning by using optimum methods.

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