There are many places that need carpet cleaning that are often forgotten. We at Dri-Masters don’t just clean carpets in residential homes. Here are some unexpected areas that we service with professional, affordable, and effective carpet cleaning.


Whether you have an office space, a retail shop, or a restaurant, your carpeted floors need extra attention over a residence due to the high foot traffic that wears down and dirties your carpets every day. Frequent professional carpet cleaning will keep your business looking sharp and welcoming to customers.


We’re not talking about cars here. Boats, planes, and even recreational vehicles (RVs) will need professional carpet cleaning whether you use them often or only once in a while. Frequent use will require carpet cleaning to remove dirt and stains collected while traveling, but even if you don’t use your RV, boat or plane more than once or twice a year, you should still get the carpet professionally cleaned to remove the layers of dust that will settle deep in the carpet.

Our professional carpet cleaning experts have many years of experience providing service to carpeted areas of your home, business, or vehicle. If you are looking for a professional and deep clean, contact Dri-Masters today.