Meet Jane! A 38 years old homeowner looking for carpet cleaning services in Baltimore.

Jane is a proud mother of three and also a loving parent to Oscar and Tiggy (a Golden Retriever and Ragdoll)

She says, “Don’t tag me as an OCD, but I love everything around me to be spick and span. It ensures a beautiful and healthy living space for my near and dear ones. But cleaning carpets sure is one challenging task! Despite my rigorous attempts to keep it clean, it is never enough.”

All homeowners can relate to Jane on some level or the other.

So let’s look at why your and Jane’s DIY carpet cleaning efforts never work out the way it was planned! *sigh*

3 Reasons Your Carpet Cleaning Isn’t Successful

1. NOT Understanding Your Carpet

The primary reason it never works out the way you plan is that you are NOT considering the carpet fibers. Carpet cleaning largely depends on the following.

  • Carpet type
  • Carpet fibers
  • Carpet age

Many times when you choose to clean your carpets from what you just read or seen on YouTube, the host often omits to share the above three most pivotal criterion.

For example, carpet cleaning techniques for newly installed carpets will drastically differ from the carpets that are maybe four to five years old.

Delicate carpet fibers will be treated differently from the not-so-delicate ones, and so on.

So it’s very crucial to understand your carpet.

2. Incorrect Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Another reason why you could be failing is if you’ve been using incorrect carpet cleaning techniques.

Sure you are vacuuming every day! But how often?

Are you considering the foot-traffic? All that comes from the footwear soles no matter where the pair has stepped on.

If your family size is large, more foot-traffic implies sincere and attentive cleaning and vice-versa.

Moving on, are you also employing steam cleaning or shampooing your carpets?

Just like everything else, these techniques also employ various parameters.

3. Using Chemical-based Carpet Cleaning Solutions

The third one is everybody’s favorite. Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning.

We agree, DIY carpet cleaning saves a lot of your money!

But is it really worth it if you’re unintentionally damaging your carpet?

Most standard cleaning solutions sold by the stores contain harsh chemicals (ammonia is one of them) which can cause discoloration of your carpet fibers and loosen it out a bit over time.

If you take care of your carpets properly, ideally, it should last for about 20 to 30 years, maybe even more.

Applying short-cuts decrease the life-span by half, indicating an immediate need to replace your carpets than to restore it.

We hope the above points draw a disparity between what you have been doing so far and what you ought to do.

So, how can you carry out carpet cleaning in a way which is efficient and at the same time affordable? 

To begin with,“Don’t hold back your carpet cleaning!”

  • Ensure you sweep and vacuum regularly.
  • Attend any stains immediately.
  • Gently scrub. Avoid applying too much pressure while cleaning.
  • Most importantly, hire a professional carpet cleaning company near you.

Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner Near You?

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is a very wise decision.

Their knowledge in their field is just perfect. They are brilliantly equipped to deal with tools and equipment to do their jobs.

Depending on where you live, your carpet fibers, carpet age and also the foot traffic, they will employ the best technique to render you a spot-free carpet.

Do all that and still save costs and your carpets from any further damage.

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