Our carpet is marred by all types of stains, right from wine, pasta, juices, pet accidents and so on.

Carpets, being the most used element as soft furniture in our house are difficult to maintain but make a necessary asset.

Small but essential factors can help you to keep your carpets clean and help you to get rid of those stubborn stains.

Trigger these points to ensure a good working experience with fewer efforts:

1. Plan

When you think of cleaning do not start immediately after thought. Plan your work and the various elements that need to be used and the one to be avoided.

Planning makes your task easy and hassle-free. The goal must be set, the different means by which they can be evaluated explicitly in a particular time frame.

2. Organize

Learn to organize your work in a proper format, moving your furniture, the cleaning method, agents used for cleaning and so on.

This will help you to be clear about an order you have to follow when doing carpet cleaning.

3. Do not pile yourself with load

Do not try to clean your carpet along with other furniture in your house that would only lead to a mess.

Instead when you clean carpet, clean the carpet efficiently and the only element.

Carpet cleaning seems an easy task, but it isn’t. You need your complete efforts and a proper method to make it clean as it was when it was new.

So, does carpet cleaning bother you? Do you want to use some skin-friendly cleansers that assure cleaning and safety of you and your loved ones?

Follow few handy tips to ensure that you don’t come across carpet cleaning disaster

1. White wine + water

Having a problem to clean stains of red wine that got spilled? No need to worry just use white wine on the stain to dilute it.

Sprinkle some cold water, dab the stain. Now add some salt before vacuuming it.

You will find no stain after this trick but will find relief from one.

2. Shaving cream + water

Have you ever thought that the shaving cream at your house could be a useful factor for cleaning stains? I guess not, but interestingly it is.

When you find a stain due to fruit juice on your carpet, apply some shaving cream on the stain, sprinkle water. Now blot this with a sponge, and the stain is gone.

3. Hydrogen peroxide + baking soda

A quick solution to almost every stain on your carpet. Spray some hydrogen peroxide and sprinkle baking soda over it.

Let it settle for some time and then vacuum the stained area.

4. Bleach+ Water

Accidents by pets is always a problem when cleaning. For tackling such stains and the odor.

Prepare a solution adding 1 part of water and ten parts of bleach. Spray this solution on the affected area.

Let it settle for 5 minutes and then rinse it with warm water. If you find a necessity to re-do the process, repeat it.

5. The importance of carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning for most of the owners may seem a task not to undertake until it is visibly shoddy.

But, ignoring turns it into a breeding ground for germs and a place for dirt and dust accumulation.

To increase the life of your carpets and to reduce the chances of getting health issues, clean them promptly.

If you maintain them they will preserve the beauty of your place and health of your loved ones.

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