I have been in the carpet cleaning industry for about 20 years now!

And I understand people have a dilemma regarding calling in professional carpet cleaners.

But, sometimes I come across such myths regarding professional carpet cleaning being circulated that I find it pretty amusing.

Therefore, for once and all let me bust 5 top professional carpet cleaning myths so that next time you aren’t confused to hire a professional.

So, let’s dive directly into:

Myth #1 – Wait as long as possible before cleaning your carpets.

Your carpet isn’t designed to hide the dirt.

Due to the weaving of the carpets, it can hide the dirt, and no one will ever know how dirty it is.

But that certainly doesn’t mean you can procrastinate cleaning them.

If you have a light colored carpet, the dirt will be visible soon.

Also, the dirt on your carpet is corrosive, and it doesn’t dissolve in water.

So every time you step on your carpet, dirt, grime and soil settle in the carpet fibers.

If you don’t clean them regularly, they will eventually damage the fibers.

Due to these damaged fibers, your carpet will look dull and worn out.

Once these fibers are damaged, no thorough cleaning can bring them back to their original form.

So, now isn’t it obvious that a dirty carpet won’t last too long?

Vacuuming is one of your most significant advantages, but carpet cleaning professionals’ help is required if you’d like to extend their lifespan.

Myth #2 – Clean carpets only to remove dirt.

This is perhaps the biggest myth.

Yes, you do need to clean the dirt out of your carpets.

But all the major rug institutions in the USA say that the carpet should be cleaned for health first and later for appearance.

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has proved that indoor air quality is more polluted than the outdoors.

You can consider carpet as a filter which traps pathogens, pollutants, and other components. The primary kind of toxin found in the carpet is tobacco smoke.

Even though no one may smoke at home, these chemicals are picked up by shoes, and that’s how it gets inside your home and on your carpets.

If the work environment is healthy more employees will be healthy.

That will also enhance the life of your carpet.

Myth #3 – Steam carpet cleaning is the best method to clean carpets.

No doubt, it’s is one of the effective methods but may not be the best method for your type of carpet.

There are several other methods that you can choose from.

  1. Dry cleaning
  2. Hot water extraction

Let me first start with the dry cleaning method; it isn’t the same as dry cleaning your clothes. There’s a huge difference in dry carpet cleaning.

Moisture is used in one form or the other in carpet cleaning.

It’s called dry cleaning because it takes less time to dry after it’s cleaned.

There’s also a wide variety of dry cleaning techniques. They are used as maintenance cleaning applications as they allow foot traffic to return faster on the cleaned area.

The second one is is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. It has two types:

  1. Portable extraction – It’s done with a portable machine
  2. Truck mounted extraction – a large machine is mounted on a van/truck

In both the methods, the water is heated to a high temperature and high pressure is used to put it on the carpet which gets the soil, pollens, any minute component and bacteria loosened up.

Then a vacuum is used to suck the dirt out of the carpet.

Steam carpet cleaning is one of the most effective ways of cleaning residential carpets. It gets your carpet free from molds, germs as well as bacteria.

All carpet cleaning techniques have their advantages and disadvantages.

So, the best would be to get in touch with carpet cleaning professionals and ask them for advice.

Check with them and find out which method will be the best for your carpet.

If your carpet is too dirty, there might be a slight chance that the professionals use more than one method to clean it.

Myth #4 – Janitorial companies are trained in carpet cleaning.

Most janitorial staff have no training in cleaning carpets.

The employees get on the job training, or they attend a two-hour class.

They make money renting equipment or selling chemicals.

The information they have regarding the chemicals and equipment is provided by the manufacturers.

These manufacturers are keen to sell their products and don’t really care about the well-being of your carpets.

One major point to note here is that all significant carpet mills need to get their carpets maintained by IIRC certified organizations only.

Myth #5 – All you need is the right equipment to keep your carpets clean.

Well, this isn’t true at all!

Most companies have the best quality equipment available in the market, but the irony is most of their employees don’t know how to use them.

They receive very little training regarding the equipment.

So you also need to check whether the employees are qualified to use them or not.

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