Winter is here and it comes with Christmas and new beginnings.

This is the holiday season, with temperatures hitting negative that makes a beautiful winter view outdoors.

It is no surprise that you start deep cleaning your home to welcome the new year and to show off a bit in front of your expected guests.

Clean carpets are key to a clean and stylish-looking home.

However, carpet cleaning in the winters can be an uphill task as the drop in temperature may keep you from wet cleaning processes such as vinegar-based DIYs.

Well, if you think that this is a good enough excuse for not having your carpets cleaned during the winters, then we’re sorry to break it to you…

You’re causing your carpet and yourself more harm than you know. Cold is not an excuse for dirty carpets!

The winter, in fact, is one of the best times of the year to clean your carpet. Here are some major reasons why carpet cleaning in winter is very necessary.

5 Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning in Winter is a Must

1. Keeping Road Salt at Bay

If you live in snow-cladded regions, then you know that the roads and sidewalks are sprinkled with salt.

When snow melts, it forms water and this water can freeze, causing icy roads and pavements making it hard to walk or drive on.

Thus, salt is added onto the roads and sidewalks to prevent snow or rain fall from freezing.

That said, your shoes will be exposed to the salt outdoors, which may not be a very good thing indoors.

Now, you may wonder why this is so because you might be familiar with the ‘salt to clean stains on your carpet’ DIY.

So how can salt be both, helpful and harmful to your carpets?

So here’s the deal…

When you use salt to clean carpets, you basically add it with a solution or thoroughly vacuum it out.

This method may leave your carpet with unsightly white salt stains due to the presence of magnesium and calcium chloride in salt.

However, road salt has a more profound impact on your carpet owing to its high alkaline content.

Your shoes or those of your guests carry this salt into your home and onto your carpets without you even knowing.

Getting rid of road salt without the use of safe chemicals and the right equipment can be unmanageable, thus it is best left to the professionals.

2. You’re Home Most Times

Winter is the holiday season for a lot of reasons, including festivity and cheer as well as difficulty hitting the roads due to heavy snowfall.

That said, most people spend their days and nights within the comfort of their homes.

Everyone needs to spend quality time with the family, kids and pets.

However, what does this mean?

More time chilling on the carpets with that hot chocolate on those chilly nights?

More coffee, tea, and soup spills around the house?


If yes, then how could you consider carpet cleaning in the winters as an unimportant ritual?

If you don’t take the necessary precautions and go about your regular cleaning, you’d be left with a rather messy carpet by the end of winter.

It won’t only look messy, but also smell and feel rather damp and dirty

This will eventually leave your carpet prey to ants, rodents and algae.

Furthermore, if you’re a pet owner, you might even be concerned about your pet’s hair fall and urine on your carpet.

Since, even your pets would be spending all their time indoors instead of outdoors due to the cold weather.

3. Carpets Dry Faster in Winter

Everyone refrains from cleaning carpets in the winters because of the common notion that it will take longer to dry than it would in other seasons.

However, contrary to this common belief, your carpet will actually dry much quicker in the winter.

This news may come as a shocker, but think about it and you’ll understand the science behind it.

Winter is the time of the year when the air is dry and cold outdoors while it is warm indoors.

Due to the cold air outdoors, you tend to have your heaters turned up with your windows and doors closed.

Thus, the heat indoors will help absorb the moisture from your carpets quicker than ever, leaving them dryer than ever.

However, it is important to know that only a professional knows methods of carpet cleaning and knows how to dry carpets quickly.

4. Remove Soil

With salt from the roads comes soil and dirt.

When you step outdoors, your boots are prone to getting soiled.

Holiday season means more guests visiting your home and thus, more traffic on your carpet.

The soil on the ground is covered by snow and is not visible.

This makes mishaps such as setting your foot on soil or having your car caught up in soil a common affair.

There’s a good old way of preventing soil from polluting your carpet and that includes having area rugs, door mats at the entrance of your home or a no-shoe policy at home.

Moreover, if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet during winter, ensure that you vacuum on a regular basis and get rid of any soil that you notice at that moment.

5. To Kill Allergens that Breed in the Cold

The major advantage of carpet cleaning in winter is getting rid of harmful allergens that tend to breed in winters.

Low temperatures promote the breeding of germs.

Thus, most allergens are live and spread rapidly in the cold.

Furthermore, winter is the time when most people stay indoors and in closer proximity to each other.

This contributes to the spread of allergens.

However, even if this is counteracted by going out, it wouldn’t make quite a difference.

This is so because the cold cannot kill germs.

That said, your carpet too becomes a hotbed for allergens to thrive.

This puts your family and even pets at health risk.

Thus, the only saving grace here is having your carpets cleaned as only professionals understand the safe methods of keeping your carpets germ-free.

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