Let’s face it! Cleaning carpets every day is not a chore that most homeowners enjoy.

It’s very common for most people to procrastinate and keep it for later, not realizing that carpets can get really dirty if not cleaned regularly

So if you’re too lazy to do it every day this carpet cleaning guide is perfect for you.

Here are 8 super easy ways to keep your carpets absolutely clean!

1. Vacuum

Vacuuming can save your carpet from degrading. Twice a week is more than enough. Stains caused due to oil, food, pets and children can be cleaned instantly without letting them settle on the carpets.

When vacuuming the high traffic areas, make sure you run over the carpet twice. For low traffic, once is adequate.

Always vacuum on a lower speed. The slow movement will ensure that you get most of the dirt out from the carpets.

2. Clean Immediately and in the Right Way

When you find any stains on your carpet, don’t leave it for later. Clean them immediately. Once they dry, it will be difficult to clean them.

Never brush the stains. It is always advised to blot the spot gently, vacuum it and then pat dry.

3. Create a Shoeless Zone

It is important to know that if you walk on the carpets with the dirty shoes that you wore outside, it will bring in the debris and dirt.

This is enough to pollute the carpets and spread germs and bacteria. It’s quite unhygienic. So creating a shoeless zone in your homes is highly recommended.

4. Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets are expensive assets and you need to take proper care while cleaning them.

If you’re not sure of how to clean them on your own, then it’s always better to get in touch with a local carpet cleaning service near you.

Getting your carpets cleaned professionally once a year is advisable.

5. Invest in Doormats

Do you want to spend less time cleaning your carpets?

Use doormats! They are the best option to keep your carpets away from all the dirt and allergens.

Preferably, use big doormats and clean the mud or dirt by rubbing your shoes properly on the mat before entering your home.

Cleaning doormats is much simpler than cleaning the entire carpet. Don’t you agree?

6. Keep Sources of Stains Away

Keep your carpets away from conventional sources of stains like food and beverages. You don’t want to create problems that can be avoided.

Drink and eat on tiled floors. This is the simplest way to avoid stains on your costly carpets.

7. Housetrain Your Pets

Pet accidents can cause many problems. The odors and stains tend to remain for a long time if not cleaned well. It’s very unhygienic.

Housetrain your pets before allowing them to roam freely on the carpets.

In case of pet accidents, use cleaning products especially meant to clean them or get in touch with a professional carpet cleaner.

8. Close the Doors

By simply keeping your doors closed at all times, you can stop dirt, dust, and debris from entering your home.

Professional carpet cleaners in Columbia have good quality equipment and are well-versed about their job. They know the best ways to maintain your carpets.

Hence, hiring them will ensure a thorough and deep cleaning of your carpets.