You’ll be surprised to know that your carpets carry more dirt than your toilet!

Hence, for thorough carpet cleaning, you must hire an expert in Middletown.

That said, the frequency of hiring a professional carpet cleaner differs with different carpet types, size, method, fibers and more.

If you have kids and pets in your house, then you would definitely need deep cleaning more often.

You also need to know why your carpets get so easily dirty and how you can avoid it.

If you live in areas where your home is more susceptible to dust, then experts recommend cleaning services every six months.

9 Things That You Can Expect From a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

1. Proper Estimation

Once you call up a cleaning company, they will send their representative to prepare an estimate based on several factors.

Never hire a company that provides you an on-the-phone estimate.

The proper way to do it is by measuring the carpet dimensions, analyzing the stains (if present) and then giving you an approximate value of the expenses or charge.

2. Know the Prerequisites

Do not expect the company personnel to move the furniture, along with cleaning your carpet.

If they do, most companies will charge you for that.

It’s better to be ready beforehand so that you don’t end up spending more.

Be ready with the prerequisite guide and know what to do before the carpet cleaners arrive.

3. Dry Vacuuming

Do not miss out on this step.

Your carpet cleaning process begins with this step.

It is an essential part as all the dry dust gets taken care of.

If you start cleaning without dry vacuuming, then all the dry dust will get stuck to the strands and the problem will increase two-fold rather than decrease.

4. Use of Organic Products

Many carpet cleaning companies will tell you what kind of products they plan to use while cleaning.

So, if you come across companies that offer cheap services, then you need to be sure that they use organic products.

This is because chemical products harm your carpets as well as your health.

Chemical components can also spread across your house through the air.

Hence, beware of inorganic products!

Always opt for an eco-friendly carpet cleaning company. You may find such products in Elizabethtown, PA.

5. Stain and Mold Removal

Once you’re done with dry vacuuming, the professionals will get to work by removing dirt, mold, and stains (if present).

Expect them to clear off all kinds of stains, including food, drinks, pet waste.

These charges are often included separately in the estimate.

6. Removal of Furniture Dents and Wrinkles

Next, the professionals should work on those horrible dents on the carpets that are usually caused due to heavy furniture.

Once they do that, then they will use their preferred method to clean the carpet fibers thoroughly.

7. Removing the Foul Odor

When the work is done, it’s your responsibility to cross check if they have completely removed the foul odor from your carpet.

If it’s not, then you can ask them to clean again.

Similarly, you can also check and ensure all the stains are removed.

8. Satisfaction Guarantee

Most companies provide a satisfaction guarantee.

Carpet cleaning, especially stain removal is a tricky job.

Sometimes stains come back within three to four days.

But only in the event of a satisfaction guarantee, you can ask for a refund.

9. 24/7 Services

Not many carpet cleaning companies provide this service.

But if you’re busy, then hiring a company that’s available 24/7 is surely a better idea.

When it comes to choosing a professional service provider, it might take a while depending on your request because not all companies will agree to every little detail you ask them to fulfill.

But not when you call Dri-Masters in Middletown, Elizabethtown, and Mt Joy, PA for carpet cleaning.

We know you deserve the best, so we do everything that will bring a smile to your face.

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