When washing the hard and soft surfaces of your home’s exterior, you have a couple of options. Pressure washing, or power washing if you’re using hot water, is the most commonly known to your average homeowner. Soft washing, however, like the type that Dri-Masters offers to clients in their local service areas, can be a better alternative for many of the exterior surfaces in most homes.

Soft washing is the safest technique amongst power washing, pressure washing and soft washing. Using basically the same equipment as a pressure washer, soft washing utilizes a wider tip, which will lower the PSI, a unit of measure for pressure that stands for pounds per square inch. The lower pressure used in soft washing coupled with special sanitizing and cleaning solutions added to the water, allows for eco-friendly and less harmful methods of breaking down dirt and living organisms on the surface to be cleaned.

Your home’s exterior may be damaged by pressure washing, especially if used by an inexperienced technician. Standing too close to the surface to be cleaned may damage the wood shingles or vinyl siding on your home.

If you want safe and effective exterior home cleaning using soft washing techniques, contact Dri-Masters today.