If you are considering purchasing a steam cleaning vacuum for your home, you need to weigh the benefits and costs of owning a steam cleaning vacuum vs. getting your home carpet professionally cleaned by a company like Dri-Masters.

Owning a steam cleaning vacuum is nice to have in your home for convenience and easy access to immediate cleaning. They are not inexpensive, but if you use them often enough you might get your money’s worth. They often only clean your carpet superficially and leave them feeling wet for hours. Effective steam cleaning vacuums are quite large and cumbersome. Inexperienced users might not clean the entire carpet at once, simply treating stains individually as they arise, which will mean that the carpet will eventually show wear unevenly.

Professional carpet cleaners like Dri-Masters are able to deep clean your carpets without leaving them wet for hours. They are also very experienced. They will clean your entire carpet so that they will not show uneven wear over time. The recommendation for frequency of professional carpet cleaning is annual, whether you own and use a steam cleaner or not.

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