Are you the one?

Yes, you – the one who throws a party every Halloween for their friends and family in Pennsylvania.

Everyone comes to your place, has a good time, and then leaves!

You’re left to clean all the mess – including the carpets.

At a Halloween party, you can’t expect your carpet to be spared.

This is because due to the drop in temperatures, you can entertain only indoors.

Spilled drinks and food, dirty shoes on the carpet, and perhaps, even vomit!


Certain stains and spills can be cleaned by you, but a few may require an expert’s help in Pennsylvania.

7 DIY Methods to Remove Halloween Stains

1. Candy Stains

Candy stains on your carpet are something that you should expect in a Halloween party.

Stains of lollipops, jolly ranchers, gobstoppers, and more.

5 Steps to Remove All Candy Stains

To begin with, you’ll need a butter knife/spoon, stain remover, white cleaning cloth and cold water, maybe vinegar.

  1. Wet the stain with cold water and allow it to sit for an hour to completely dissolve the stain.
  2. The candy will detach itself from the carpet, use the butter knife or spoon to scrape off the carpet.
  3. Once the candy is off the carpet, it might feel sticky. Therefore, use a stain remover.
  4. Then with a clean cloth blot the stain.
  5. If it doesn’t clean, then use vinegar on the cloth and it will come off.

Don’t use hot water to clean. It will spread the candy dye and then it will be very hard to remove.

2. Chocolate Stains

  • Blot the chocolate stains with cloth and cold water.
  • When the chocolate no longer transfers to the cloth, apply detergent on the cloth.
  • Continue the blotting process and then let it sit on the carpet.
  • Rinse it with cold water.
  • Blot again to remove the excess moisture.

3. Halloween Face Paint

Halloween is all about costumes.

People come with all sorts of paint applied to their body.

It’s very likely that your carpet is stained with all sorts of paint.

If that happens, here’s what you can do.

  • Apply a small amount of detergent solution to the spot.
  • Use a blotting motion to spread the detergent on the stained area.
  • Do the same till the spot is removed.
  • Blot excess moisture on the carpet.

4. Candle Wax

To create that spookiness in your house, you’re probably going to light candles.

And the wax may fall on the floor or your carpet, so what do you do to get rid of it?

5 Quick Steps to Get Rid of Candle Wax

  1. Scrape as much wax as you can.
  2. Use a damp brown paper bag to cover the wax stained area.
  3. Put a wet white towel on it and use an iron on top for 20-25 secs.
  4. The wax will transfer to the bag without damaging any inch of your carpet.
  5. If the wax isn’t removed. Repeat the step and keep the iron for a longer time on the stain.

If your carpet is made of man-made fiber, then the wax will melt at a low temperature.

5. Pumpkin Stains

This is probably the easiest stain to clean.

A Quick 4-Step Process

  1. Remove bits of pumpkin.
  2. Apply some cold water.
  3. Treat the stain with dish soap and leave it for five minutes.
  4. Wipe with a clean cloth.

6. Remove Glitter From Carpet

When you are throwing a party, any decorations that have glitter in them can be left behind on your carpet.

All you need to do is vacuum it.

However, there’s a possibility all of it won’t be removed.

So, grab playing dough and use it to pick up those fine particles of glitters.

Roll it over the areas where you can still spot the glitter.

Note: Don’t squish the playdough too much otherwise it will leave its fragments in the carpet.

7. Remove Oil-based Halloween Makeup and Lipstick

Halloween makeup and lipstick on your carpet or furniture is a remote possibility but what if it did happen?

4 Steps to Remove Makeup Stains With Alcohol

  1. Dampen the stain with some alcohol till the time you don’t see the stain.
  2. You can also use rubbing alcohol or makeup remover and blot the stain with it.
  3. Wash it with warm water.
  4. Repeat the steps if necessary.

Dri-Masters for Carpet Cleaning in Pennsylvania

These are some of the easier stains to remove.

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