Whether you’re cleaning the carpet that’s dirty or cleaning water that spilled/leaked on the carpet, you definitely want it to dry fast.

Everyone knows that moisture and carpet aren’t the best buddies.

It can prove to be very dangerous if not treated for a long period of time.

So, today the experts at Dri-Masters are sharing their tips on how to dry wet carpets fast after you are done treating them.

8 Handy Tips to Dry Carpets Fast Even in Cold Weather

When your carpet is wet, you really need to act fast.

Mold can grow on your carpet in a time frame of 24 hours!

Mold is toxic, dangerous and also deteriorates indoor air quality.

So, if you want to keep your house healthy, then you need to have quick plan that can be put to action fast.

1. Remove all Furniture from the Carpet

Be quick enough to remove all the furniture from your carpet.

This way your furniture won’t sit in a wet carpet and will keep them safe from mold.

Now you have ample space to focus on drying the wet carpet.

2. Go Old School

If it is not wall to wall carpeting, then you need to take it out in the sun.

It is actually been stated that sunlight is a natural disinfectant.

However, if it’s cold, then this is obviously not going to help you.

Hence, you need to look at another solution might help.

3. Soak up as Much as Water Possible

The one thing you can do is take out clean towels or rags.

Use them to blot the wet area and soak the water.

You can wring it or get new ones.

Once you have soaked enough water, it’s time for the next step.

4. Vacuum the Carpet

There are some vacuum cleaners that aren’t made for water. Therefore, check the details of the cleaner.

If it does support vacuuming water, then this will expedite the whole process.

All you need to do is vacuum normally and the cleaner will suck up all the water.

5. Open Those Windows

Windows will prove to be your best buds when it comes to drying the wet carpet.

Open the windows in order to allow air circulation.

This will also help in removing any kind of pungent smell left behind after the carpet dries up.

However, you’ll need to skip the step if the weather’s cold!

6. Set Up Fans

There’s one thing you can do regardless of the weather is setting up fans.

Fast air flow in every direction will make the carpet dry in no time.

You can use oscillating fans or box fans as per whatever is easily available.

7.  Put on Those Ceiling Fans

Not just your regular portable fans!

Put on the ceiling fan too in order to help the process of drying it.

Although most people may not have a ceiling fan, but if you do use them!

8.  Dehumidifier Saves the Day

The most used tip out of all is the use of a dehumidifier.

They help in reducing excess humidity and maintaining the correct level of it in the air.

They are a great way to dry your carpet rapidly.

Water Damaged Carpet
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There’s always one important thing you need to remember that always treat the carpet as soon as you see them wet!

This will ensure there is no mold growth or fungi buildup on your carpet.

If you need a carpet cleaner, then you know who to call – Dri-Masters!

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