When it comes to getting your carpets cleaned, only one word stands out – procrastination!

Many homeowners assume it’s okay to delay their yearly professional carpet cleaning in Gettysburg, PA.

But the truth is, it’s not okay.

More delay = more dirt and grime build up = increase in carpet cleaning cost.

So, why not get your carpets cleaned in time?

Let’s see how often you’d need to hire a carpet cleaning company.

How many members in your family?

First, address the size of your household. Here’s why.

  • Typically, with larger families, you are going to need to have your carpets cleaned more often than smaller ones.
  • The simple theory is that you would have more family members walk on your carpet on a daily basis than a smaller household.
  • For example, a family of two or three probably would not need to clean their carpets as often as a family of five to seven people or more.

However, many other factors are in play other than the size of your family.

The Number of People Visiting Your Home

Most homeowners witness a rise in the number of people visiting their homes during summer and/or the holiday season.

This is also the time when most homeowners are hosting their families and friends.

Undoubtedly, these are the times when you’d like your carpets to smell good and be sparklingly clean.

So many people hire carpet cleaning experts, either before and after the season or then just before or after.

Do You Prefer Seasonal Carpet Cleaning?

Many homeowners also opt to clean their carpets as per the season.

One of the main reasons is the climatic conditions in their region.

For instance, Gettysburg, receives very little snow and rain.

So, the carpets are less likely to get very dirty from the muck and sleet.

That said, let’s look at how seasonal carpet cleaning can benefit you.

Hello Spring!

If you’ve been through some harsh and grating winter with a lot of moisture, rain, and snow, then you should definitely pick spring for your carpet cleaning.

Here’s why.

  • Winter left you with tremendous snow, rain, and mud, including debris, dirt and unclean moisture that have made their way into your home and settled on your carpets.
  • So, if you experience harsh winters, you will need to get your carpets cleaned in spring.

Hot Hot Summer

Summer beckons the season of sun, sand, and sea.

Most people end up spending their time at the beach or by the pool.

Chances are that sand and chlorine water on the carpet can damage it.

So, getting them cleaned post-summer would be a good choice for many.

To know more why summer is the perfect season for you to clean your carpets, then this summer tips for carpet cleaning is what you need to read today.

Let’s FALL

Who doesn’t adore the sweet-smelling fragrance of a freshly cleaned carpet?

Fall is another time to get your carpets cleaned and is also one of the most crucial seasons to clean them.

This is the season when most people start prepping for the holiday season.

Plus, if you shop around enough, you could get some good deals when hiring a local carpet cleaner near you.

So, why not get your carpets cleaned in fall?

Wow Winter

Close your windows and stay indoors, its winter!

The heater is always running and the days get shorter while you stay warm comforted indoors.

Thus, making it the best time to get your carpets cleaned.

With fall just done, and all the debris and allergens are spread over your carpets, it is great to get cleaned them once and for all.

So, whether you choose to clean your carpets as per the season or as often as you need, the bottom line is that you need to clean them regularly.

You can clean your carpets on your own or hire an expert.

Either way, they need to be cleaned.

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