Beware of These Carpet Cleaning Myths! They are Damaging your Carpet

The Internet has numerous resources which you may refer to solve your carpet related issues. Different sites offer different opinions which leave you muddled.

There are a couple of carpet cleaning myths, which you believe are true. If you continue believing the myths, you are unknowingly damaging your carpet.

Myth 1: Vacuuming everyday damages the carpet

Fact: Vacuuming removes the embedded dirt and increases the lifespan of the carpet.

Majority of the soil can be removed from the carpet just by vacuuming. Vacuum the carpet in all the directions to extract out the dirt from every fiber.

Also, ensure you vacuum the underside of the carpet once a week.

Choose a vacuum cleaner which is gentle on the carpet. If you use a harsh vacuum cleaner, then it may damage your carpet.

Myth 2: Professional carpet cleaning isn’t required

Fact: There are ample of DIYs that can efficiently remove the visible stains.  But harmful bacteria, germs stay in the carpet and cannot be removed by DIY.

Also, if you use the incorrect technique or products during DIY, it can leave your carpet discolored or damaged.

Professional carpet cleaners know the right techniques and methods to remove the germs from your carpet.

Myth 3: All carpet cleaning methods are same

Fact: Every carpet cleaning method differs in some way from the other. Using the correct method will ensure proper cleaning.

Which method is best suitable for your carpet will depend on the area of the room, traffic on the carpet, frequency of cleaning, the carpet material and so on.

Myth 4: Carpet should be cleaned professionally only if it looks dirty

Fact: Carpet acts as a shelter for the dirt and dust particles. If the dirt is allowed to stay for longer,  it damages the carpet fibers.

You will not be able to predict the damage unless it is visible to your naked eye.  But by that time the damage is irreversible.

Ideally, carpets should be cleaned professionally once in six months if you have pets, kids, or heavy traffic.

Myth 5: Buy a built-in stain resistant carpet to avoid frequent cleaning

Fact: Built-in stain resistant implies the carpet can withstand stains from damaging it to a greater extent than the other carpets.

Even if the stains aren’t visible, the dust and dirt still reside in the carpet which will make it dirty after a certain extent of time. So even if the carpet is stain-resistant, it cannot be dirt and dust resistant.

Myth 6: Regular carpet cleaning isn’t required

Fact: “How often should I clean my carpet,” is a common concern and many people believe regular carpet cleaning is a waste of time.

But you should clean your carpets regularly to get rid of the dirt and dust that rests on the carpet.

It will also elongate the life your carpet and keep you safe from inhaling the unhealthy air. Regularly cleaned carpets look better than the ones which are rarely cleaned.

Myth 7: Professional carpet cleaning services are costly

Fact: Professional carpet cleaners know which technique is to be applied to specific carpets.

If you have to clean the carpet yourself, you will have to buy the carpet cleaning solutions and, rent the carpet cleaning machines.

You may not know the exact quantity of the products to be bought and you will end up purchasing more or less.

DIY can thus prove costly regarding time and money.

You can ask for free carpet cleaning estimates before you call in a professional.

Myth 8: Rented carpet cleaning machine is as good as the ones which professionals have

Fact: Renting a carpet cleaning machine is cost-efficient, but it may not be as effective as the machines which professionals have.

A rented machine may not obliterate water completely during the hot water extraction process.

This can favor the growth of mold and bacteria. Also if the cleaning solution is not rinsed out form the carpet, it can give rise to allergies.

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