We have received a lot of DMs on our company pages on Facebook and Twitter, asking us about various carpet cleaning techniques and methods.

So we’ve picked the most common ones and are answering them right here.

We thought it would be a fantastic idea to do that.

Hope you find it useful!

1. Why does my carpet make me itch?

We often encounter homeowners complaining about their carpets making them itch.

This is a relatively common occurrence, however, not a healthy one.

A prominent explanation is that the newly installed carpets or worn out synthetic carpets shed fibers that can irritate the skin.

Dry air alone can sometimes also irritate, building a  condition commonly referred to as winter itch.

As your skin loses moisture, it results into itching.

Other possibilities that can significantly contribute to the same are as follows.

  • You could be allergic to carpet fibers or dyes.
  • Your carpets may be infested by bugs and fleas.
  • Your carpets may have a massive build up of dirt and dust.
  • Your carpets may be in a dire need of steam cleaning.
  • If you have pets at home, then you could be reacting to pet dander stuck in the pile of the carpeting.

A Number of Solutions…

  • Find the source of your allergies to eliminate itching permanently and also from making it chronic.
  • If it is because of the carpet fibers, then consider installing softer carpets.
  • Get deep cleaning or steam cleaning done ASAP if the itching is caused due to trapped dust and fleas.

2. Is there a risk my carpets can shrink?

Your pal from next door hired a carpet cleaning company, and now she is fuming.

She is complaining how she is confident that the staff were inefficient and had felt her carpet dull and shrunk.

Such horror stories are fairly common narratives of our everyday lives, and what shakes us the most is the fact, “What if we are next?”

The thought process seems legit. However, the reality is this happens when you hire unprofessional carpet cleaners to do their job.

Unlicensed or unprofessional carpet cleaners use incorrect techniques for cleaning.

The staff also miserably fails to employ the best methodology and equipment to clean your carpets because their knowledge and skill is limited and incomplete.

Carpets shrink when the they become too wet, or when the back of the carpet is excessively soaked. 

A licensed & insured, professional carpet cleaning company will ensure that such incidents don’t happen.

Solution: The only way to eradicate the problem altogether is by using a low moisture system that dismisses the possibility of over-wetting.

3. Should I opt for DIY carpet cleaning or professional carpet cleaning?

This was perhaps the most common question we received in our inbox and are asked wherever we go.

So let’s draw a quick comparison between the two to resolve this.

CategoriesDIY Carpet CleaningProfessional Carpet CleaningScore
CostsCheap. Very cheapModerate to expensiveDIY 01 | PCC 00
LaborVery labor intensiveNot at allDIY 00 | PCC 01
TimeVery time-consuming. Even a day falls shortWrapped up in a few hours.DIY 00 | PCC 01
ResultsTemporaryPermanentDIY 00 | PCC 01
Level of SatisfactionMay or may notAlways 100%DIY 00 | PCC 01
MiscellaneousMay diminish the life-spanElongates its life-spanDIY 00 | PCC 01

Hands down, professional carpet cleaning is the winner.

And, we’re not saying this just because we offer these services.

DIY techniques do work well when implemented immediately, but when it comes to stubborn and dried stains, then you’ll need to rely on the experts.

Vacuuming is a must and needs to be done every day. Club vacuuming with these amazing DIY hacks that are all a part of your kitchen and they work like a charm.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year is highly recommended.

4. How often should I clean my carpets?

This has to be the next obvious question.

Cleaning your carpets is inevitable but it certainly depends upon various factors.

For example, carpets in commercial settings like office spaces or hotels require frequent cleaning than the domestic ones.

In homes, you will have to perform cleaning on a regular basis if you have children and/or pets.

We’ve covered this in detail here.

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