In a world where everything can be found online and DIY methods are dominating the internet, you can find a solution to everything.

It’s no surprise that DIY tips and hacks to clean your carpet are found in abundance.

You can surely turn to these DIYs for your daily and weekly cleanups.

In fact, there are several homemade recipes like vinegar and baking soda that are cost-effective and readily available as well.

No doubt these work wonders on your carpet. However, this is only a temporary solution to carpet cleaning.

What Carpet Cleaning Professionals Do Differently?

The soil, dust, dirt, and smell from your carpet will not magically disappear with the help of DIYs as it does not treat the cause of the issue, it treats only the symptoms.

The cause needs to be uprooted from the depths of your carpet, where it often settles.

Moreover, when you clean your carpets by yourself, you don’t realize the importance of considering certain internal and external factors.

Professionals are trained and well-informed about the factors that need to be kept in mind while cleaning.

3 Major Factors Carpet Cleaning Pros Will Always Consider

1. Different Cleaning Methods Based on Fabric

Did you know that carpets in the U.S. account for 51% of the total flooring, which means that carpets are a big hit.

These carpets are made from a wide range of fabrics such as wool, polyester, acrylic, and nylon.

Professionals understand the difference between each of these fabrics and that each need to be tended to differently.

2. Weather and Temperature

These are the external factors that professionals keep in mind while cleaning.

They understand that an already humid area will leave a wringing wet carpet damp for days on end.

Thus, powdered solutions are used in such areas.

3. Importance of Deep and Steam Cleaning

Professionals don’t become professionals just like that!

They understand the importance of each cleaning equipment and method, making use of them effectively.

Overall, the job of a professional is to check these and other factors while cleaning.

We, at Dri-Masters, ensure that we satisfy our customers in the best way possible.

Wondering how?

Here’s what we do and what you should expect from a trusted carpet cleaning company.

Here’s What Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Dri-Masters Carpet Cleaning Services

James Booker

The service was impeccable!!! My carpets looked better than when I moved in and the workers were very pleasant. If you need your carpet cleaned in the Philadelphia area I highly recommend Dri-Masters!

Isabell Anderson

Dave D. from Camp Hill, PA does a phenomenal job and goes ABOVE and BEYOND!!  He travels the states so when we move back to Jersey, we’ll be requesting him for sure! I thought there was no hope for my carpet until he came along! It looks brand spanking new! He even fluffed the carpet up! Looks like kids don’t even live here! LoL! Thank you Dave! You’re awesome!!!

Even Our New Customers Love Us…

Those who tried our service for the very first time, also realized the massive difference between professional carpet cleaning from Dri-Masters and other companies.

Scot Brown

Of the many carpet cleaning services i have used, Dri-Masters is top notch. Professional, not loud, careful with the furniture, on time, and WOW the carpets look great! The carpets dried real fast too. There aren’t any lingering smells and they got out all the embedded pet hair.

Carol Walton

Our carpets look amazing and even the feel of them is so different. Joe and Mike arrived at the scheduled time. Their professionalism was of the highest level. I will definitely recommend them and will call them back for future service.

Still Think Investing in Professional Cleaning is Not Worth? This will Make You Rethink!

Some people invest their time and money wisely.

They are the ones that understand the true significance of having their carpets cleaned professionally every once in a while (preferably every 6 months).

Gigantic beach-facing homes, homes with kids and pets, and people that are health-conscious enough to let germs and grim not linger on the carpets in their homes are wise enough to opt for timely professional clean ups.

Hiring a professional is not as expensive as you think it is.

After all, it’s more of a once in three or six months ritual, not an everyday spending.

Furthermore, it’s better to spend money wisely by hiring someone who’s a pro at the job, than doing it yourself without having any background knowledge of it.

Doing it on your own without adequate knowledge only makes things worse, in terms of your carpet’s health, its fabric, and your spendings to rectify your mistakes.

Get Exact Estimates for Carpet Cleaning

As a rule of thumb, around 60% of your home accounts for square footage of your carpet.

Thus, you should note that on an average,  carpet cleaning costs range between $0.18 sq/ft and $0.50 sq/ft.

However, there are several other factors such as upholstery cleaning and spot removal that will affect the overall costs.

Confused? Don’t be!

Here’s the perfect guide to help you with the exact professional carpet cleaning estimates and you’ll know that it is totally worth the cost.

Want to hear from another satisfied customer?

Here’s some more evidence from our customer that thinks pro cleaning is totally worth it!

Elaine Lawrence

These 2 men were on time and waited for me to arrive still greeting me with a smile then when I show them the job they just looked at each other because there was a big round brownish but that was about three feet by two and a half feet or 4 feet by 2 and 1/2 ft and I had tried to clean it obviously to make it worse and there were ink spots in other areas because I use fountain pens. They said, we will need to use a booster and I thought that’s going to cost a fortune, well it didn’t. The Boost was not that expensive, way less than $100, just a little over 50 and the cleaning was just $200. They did my bedroom which was hard, they did the hall and the walk-through closet which was very hard as it had a lot of spots and they did it so fast. I did and I would always recommend them and I would always use them again as they are reasonable, on time, efficient, effective and don’t stay forever. They do the job and go to the next job. It’s a great organization just love them… thank you guys!

Now that you’ve literally heard from a few of our satisfied customers, don’t you think you should also consider professional carpet cleaning every six to 12 months?

So, contact Dri-Masters, they’re just one call away from all your carpet cleaning needs.

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