Aesthetically wooden flooring is better than carpet. However, carpets were used to enhance the aesthetic beauty of a house since time immemorial.

And traditionally, I still believe that carpet flooring is better than wooden flooring.

Let me convince you. How?

If you think carpet flooring will give you a hard time with all the cleaning and replacing them after 15-20 years, well, let me break it to you that wooden flooring will provide you with a hard time equally.

A few demerits of having a wooden flooring are

1. Fractures

There are more cracks in a wooden flooring than you can find anywhere else. This is because these boards are factory finish which is easily damaged by the flooring nails.

Cracks on the floorboards are also caused due to the quality of the wood as some species of wood aren’t that strong and are prone to cracking easily.

In some cases, manufacturers are also responsible as they sell boards that are dried too quickly in the kiln.

2. Gaps

Wooden floors have a lot of movement due to with they hold each other tightly during humidity which results in gaps during dry time.

Abnormal gaps are a result of flooring which is too wet during installation, but at the same time, it also results when flooring is installed in dry areas.

Gaps can occur anytime and should be repaired ASAP, don’t you think? What if you have to fix it just after six months of installation? That would be too heavy on the pocket.

3. Buckling

When the flooring becomes too moist, it expands to a point where it lifts off the subfloor, pops trim from the wall and moves the frames of doors.

It can buckle because of a damp basement or floods, or the installation took place when the floor was too dry.

The other reason would be the nails are of the wrong size or spaced too far.

If your floor is glued and a wrong sized trowel is used it will lead to buckling again.

4. Squeaking

After a while the wooden floor starts squeaking, this is because the wooden floor rubs against the underlying plywood subroof.

Now, would you like to have a floor that creaks? And today it must be one room and tomorrow some other and here comes the never-ending realm of getting your floor fixed.

Apart from these, there are so many other problems like peeling finish, excessive wear, debris in the finish, stains, fractures, irregular floorboards and the list can go on and on.

Now, that you are aware of these problems and have a slight gist that getting a wooden flooring is prone to all kinds of issues and probably will cost you money, allow me to tell you convince you for the latter.

How Will carpet installation turn out to be value for money?

1. Carpets Don’t Break or Crack

The worst feeling in the world is when a massive object falls on the hardwood floor and causes a significant dent or a crack in your floor.

If you get an enormous crack, you’ll have to change the entire board.

However, with carpets, there’s no such issue, no breakage no dents no cracks.

It’s hassle-free, and if you maintain and clean the carpets thoroughly, it will stay with your for a very very long time.

2. Softness

If you are a person that drops items here and there very often, carpets are the best option for you because the items won’t shatter due to carpet’s softness.

It is also an excellent option for parents of infants or toddlers.

If you have carpet installed your kid might fall a lot, but it still would be safe however with a wooden flooring not so much.

3. Color Variations

Well, the wooden flooring comes only in one color “brown” however, carpets have a wide variety of colors to styles to patterns to fibers to length and so on.

This is the reason why carpets are more aesthetically pleasing and soothing to your eyes. You will find a carpet that fits every room and every home.

That’s why I recommend you see a carpet installation near you and get your carpet flooring ASAP.

4. It’s Cheap!

Hardwood flooring can be very costly especially if you want it in your entire home. So, when it comes down to cost carpet wins undisputedly.

Carpet installation is way cheaper also it sticks around with you for 15-20 years.

If you take the right care of your carpet it might stay with you for an even a longer period.

Also, carpet takes less time than wood flooring to get installed.

5. It’s Quieter

This is also a better option because unlike wood the carpet won’t start making creaking sounds.

It is also an excellent noise insulator so that everybody can have a peaceful sleep whereas with wood floors the sounds get amplified.

Therefore, if you have a heavy step no one in your house would wake up while sleeping because of the noise getting amplified.

I feel I have kept a good argument for everyone to choose carpet over woods.

However, let me remind you the average age of a carpet is 15-20 years if you don’t want to shorten this age and extend it always remember to call in carpet cleaning professionals to clean your carpets once in a while.

Also, from your end, you need to make sure that you are using carpet fiber friendly cleaning solution or eco-friendly carpet cleaning.

It saves your carpet plus the environment! You can also use homemade cleaners and DIY recipes for keeping your carpets clean.

Now, if you have a carpet installed and you are looking for carpet cleaning in Columbia I have just the right kind of professionals for you, i.e., Dri-Masters, they are the professionals that will definitely extend the life of your carpets.