If you have ever tried to remove a difficult stain from your carpet by scrubbing away diligently on your hands and knees and wondering if your efforts are effective or not, then you’ll know that avoiding stains in the first place is the better option. Here are the worst kinds of stains that can ruin your day.

Red Wine – Even your teeth can get stained from drinking red wine, so your absorbent carpet is much more susceptible. Red wine can leave a noticeable stain on light carpets, even if you treat it right away.
Blood – You don’t have to become the victim of a violent crime to have a blood stain on your carpet. Nosebleeds and accidents can cause blood to leave a rusty stain on your carpet that is tough to get out.
Pet Accidents – We love our pets, but not all of them are perfectly house trained. (This concept also applies to young children.) Removing the stains from their accidents is not only difficult, but a little gross.