Many homes now use a mix of carpet and hardwood or tile flooring. But how do you decide if a carpet floor is appropriate for a particular room in your home? Elements like foot traffic, moisture, and probability for spills can enter into consideration when deciding, so we have compiled a list of the best rooms for carpets ranked from high to low.

1. Bedrooms
When you enter your bedroom, you want to experience the comfort that carpet can provide. Stepping into a bedroom with cold hardwood floors in winter, especially, is uncomfortable.
2. Living Rooms
Similarly to bedrooms, living rooms are for lounging and gathering with family or guests and should be comfortable. While the space may be heavily used, and there is a risk of spillage from food and drink, this area can still benefit from carpet floors.
3. Dining Rooms
Dining rooms, on the other hand, are meant for food. While in use, there is a high chance that you might spill wine or food on your carpet, so a hardwood floor will be less troublesome to clean.
4. Kitchens and Bathrooms
These are the worst for full carpet floors since so much water and steam are constantly in motion in them. The chance of mold is high, and it’s difficult to keep carpet as clean as a properly sanitized bathroom should be.

If you find yourself with a spill that cannot be removed, schedule an appointment with Dri-Masters for any of your cleaning needs.