Does cleaning bother you? Does being in unhygienic place gives you goose bumps? If an answer to both the questions has been YES then think again!

Because then you are the person who wants to stay away from the dirt, debris, germs, and bacteria.

And, if this is the case you are also, the one who cleans the dryer vent (one of the tough tasks to go with) regularly with utmost care.

Do you know the advantages of doing so? I guess you know few but let me tell you few more just to add in and to motivate you to keep your health, healthy!

Below is a small list of those advantages that you are adding in your life, by keeping your dryer vents free from problems.

1. Good air flow:

It is a fact that clogged dryer vents do percolate moisture in the environment of their presence. This makes the air present humid, and over time it also hinders the air flow in the room.

The uneasy flow makes the room and the environment contaminated or uncomfortable to breathe in.

2. The risk of fire breakout is decreased:

The accumulation of debris and the fibers in the dryer vent and dryer can be a primary reason for the breakout of fire.

As for clothing fibers are combustible materials, it spreads fire rapidly causing loss of lives and also, the property at times.

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3. The size of the bill is reduced:

It is proven that well- maintained systems consume less amount of energy, and this is because the power needed during their operation is more.

More use of power means more electricity bills. Do you want to waste all the money you earned in a thing like that?

I probably don’t think so! But, you always have a choice.

4. Healthy dryer vents for healthy homes –


You might have a question do dryer vents have any effect on your health!

But, surprisingly it does. The moisture that is present due to the pile of debris in the dryer vents over time decreases the value of air (regarding quality).

Now to breathe this kind of air is not okay for your health. And, if you have longer hours to be on the same premises as that of your dryer vent then you need to pay attention.

Longer hours of presence would further increase the problem, giving your health a major issue.

I hope this article is beneficial for you to know why the dryer vent cleaning is essential, good news to those who do it regularly because it secures you. And, a warning to those who don’t!

Ultimately it’s you to withstand.