Around 68 percent of all households in the U.S. owned pets in 2017, which is a rise from 56 percent in 1988, according to Statista.

Number of pets in the United States in 2017/2018

The above graph shows that cats and dogs rank quite high, after fish.

And it’s no surprise that these cute, furry little four-legged animals make the most preferred pets!

Cat on Carpet

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That said, having a pet comes with its own challenges – a major one is keeping your home clean.

It’s not so much about house training as it’s about their hair.

Homeowners are usually confused about the best time to clean their carpets.

However, pet-owners have completely different reasons to clean their carpets more frequently, sometimes as often as twice a week.

Since most cats and dogs shed seasonally, due to certain illnesses or even over-grooming, cleaning their carpets needs to be a regular chore for them.

However, if you have a long-haired pet like a Persian cat, Pomeranian or a Poodle, then you probably know that shedding is more of a daily hassle.

You’ll find your pet’s hair all over the place; on your clothes, bed, and not to forget your carpets.

So here’s a guide for you to get your pet hair off your carpet.

8 Ways to Bid Adieu to Pet Hair Pet Hair From Your Carpet

1. Sponge Mop

This is an extremely easy and cost-effective method of removing pet hair from your carpet.

Sponge Mop


All you need is a vacuum cleaner, spray bottle filled with water and the sponge mop.

5 Steps to Get Rid of Pet Hair With a Sponge Mop

  1. First vacuum your carpet thoroughly.
  2. Spray water on the sponge mop.
  3. Lightly move the mop across the carpet.
  4. Move the hair from the carpet fibers onto the floor.
  5. Do away with the collected hair with your hands or vacuum.

2. Window Squeegee

Window Squeegee

Window squeegees are readily available in almost all homes.

4 Steps to Window Squeegee Pet Hair From Your Carpet

  1. Take a window squeegee and attach an old mop handle to it.
  2. Use the rubber blade of the squeegee to rake the pet hair off your carpet.
  3. When you’ve removed almost all the hair, use a vacuum cleaner.
  4. Thoroughly vacuum your carpet.

3. Lint Roller

Here’s a good old pet hair remover, whether it’s on your clothes, sofa, or all over your home.

You can always use the lint roller over your cat after brushing them too.

Lint Roller

All you need to is use the lint-roll over your carpet from one end to the other.

Vacuum once done and you’re good to go.

Quick and easy, isn’t it?

You get lint rollers in mini sizes too.

So, this can be super handy while you’re getting out of your car and find some of your pet hair on your clothes.

4. Fabric Softener

Here’s a another easy tool, that is available in almost all homes.

Fabric Softener

All you need is a liquid fabric softener, some water, spray bottle, and a vacuum cleaner.

6 Steps to Remove Pet Hair With a Fabric Softener

  1. Start by creating a mixture using one part liquid fabric softener and three parts water.
  2. Add this mixture to a spray bottle.
  3. Spray this solution onto the desired area to be cleaned.
  4. Ensure that the carpet is not wet due to this solution, as it is only meant to moisten the outer layer of your carpet.
  5. Allow your carpet to dry with this solution (if you’ve lightly sprayed your carpet, it shouldn’t take too long to dry).
  6. Run the vacuum cleaner over your carpet and it’s done.

Wondering how this happened?

The fabric softener you sprayed on your carpet helped loosen the pet hair from the fibers, thus making it an easy task to vacuum them.

5. Fabric Sweeper

This is a super convenient way of removing pet hair from your carpets or virtually anywhere.

Fabric Sweeper 

It has two rollers that work their way onto any surface and collect all the hair on the top of the roller, which can later be emptied in rounds.

First, run the fabric sweeper in one direction to allow one roller to pick up the pet hair.

Then immediately run it in the other direction to allow the second roller to clean off the first one and push the hair inside.

It’s as simple as that and way more effortless that even kids can use it easily.

6. Rubber Bristle Brush

This is an all-time-favorite hair removal tool, which has rubber bristles on either side.

On one side, it has fine bristols for cleaning upholstery and carpets, while the other side has big bristols, which is used to brush loose fur off your dog’s coat.

Rubber Bristle Brush

Simply brush the carpet using the fine bristles.

Vacuum your carpet after that, and you’re good to go.

7. Grooming and Deshedding Gloves

This is one of the most useful innovations when it comes to pet hair removal tools.

You can wear this glove and move your hand across any piece of furniture or your carpet and you’re good to go.

Grooming and Deshedding Gloves

You can also use this to remove the fur from the undercoat of your pet way before it falls onto your carpet.

This can save a whole lot of time and energy and is a must-have for every pet owner.

8. Balloons

Dog With balloon

As strange as this may sound, it really works.

3 Steps to Magically Remove Pet Hair With a Balloon

  1. Inflate a balloon and take it near the desired surface of your carpet.
  2. Rub the balloon across and you will notice it starts attracting all the pet hair from the surface.
  3. Collect all the hair from the balloon and repeat the procedure.

Your carpet will be free of your pet’s hair in a jiffy.

Wondering if the balloon is magical?

Not really…the static electricity generated on the surface of the balloon as you rub it against a surface does all the magic.

Dri-Masters for Carpet Cleaning in Lancaster

You can keep your home pet-friendly, yet pet hair-free using the above methods.

However, remember that vacuuming regularly is equally important.

Take special care of your carpet, as you do of your pet.

Here are some carpet cleaning secrets from the experts that you should try.

And don’t forget to have your carpets cleaned by professionals every six months or once a year.

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