Winter is the time when unknowingly your carpet suffers.

During winter, most people in Lancaster enjoy the comfort and warmth of their home more than anything else.

So when you spend a major part of your time indoors, you would certainly not want to be exposed to allergens from your carpet.

Want to clean your carpet? Then why wait until spring? You can do it right away! 

You can clean your carpet in winters. In fact, winter is the BEST time to clean your carpets.

If you postpone your carpet cleaning until spring, even the best methods used to clean your carpets would not be as effective as you’d like it to be.

It would simply mean unsatisfactory results and repeated cleaning!

First, let’s see why people usually avoid cleaning their carpets professionally in winter.

1. Bound to Get Dirty

The first reason for avoiding carpet cleaning in winter is that the carpet is bound to get dirty.

Walking on them with wet and muddy shoes will accumulate the dirt on the cleaned carpet.

But what if you decide to remove your shoes before walking on them?

This will not only save your carpet but also keep the floor free of germs.

So it’s a win-win for all!

2. Long Drying Time

The next reason is the time taken to dry the carpet.

In summer, the time taken by carpets to dry is four to six hours.

On the other hand, it takes five to seven hours in winter.

Although the drying time in summer and winter varies, the difference is not significant.

So winter shouldn’t really hold you back from carpet cleaning in winter.

Why You Should Clean Your Carpet in Winter?

1. Dirty carpets contribute to poor air quality.

Debris, soil and pollutants get locked in with the salt. They enter your house along with the embedded dirt and make cleaning difficult.

Salt and snowmelt are alkaline which can damage your carpets to a greater extent.

If left untreated, it will make your carpet susceptible to abrasions and permanently damage the fibers.

It will make your carpet look dull and feel hard.

2. Carpet cleaning in winter will make the indoor air healthier.

The benefit of winter carpet cleaning is scheduling an appointment is easy.

Since most people wait for spring to book appointments to clean winter buildup of germs, bacteria, dirt and debris, you can actually get some great deals if you hire a professional carpet cleaning company in winter.

Avoid all the rush and also save money in cleaning carpets.

How to clean carpets in winter?

To clean carpet in winter you can either do it yourself or take help from carpet cleaning services.

Did you know that if you have a wool carpet, you can clean it with snow?

If it is snowing, you can leave your heavily soiled carpet outside for at least half an hour. Let it get covered with a thick layer of snow.

You can also cover the carpet yourself with several inches of snow. Wear clean shoes and walk on the carpet.

Ensure that the carpet fibers are thoroughly infused with snow. Then brush off the snow and beat the carpet lightly with a broom or tennis racket to remove the frozen dirt.

You can also use snow to dry clean your items. Rub snow on any item to dry clean it and brush it off.

Once your carpet is clean you should take preventive measures to save your carpet from getting dirty in the first place.

3 Preventive Measures to Keep Carpets Clean

  1. Keep your shoes in shoe rack so that you don’t dirty your carpets.
  2. Ensure that your pets also don’t bring their dirty paws to the carpet.
  3. Invest in doormats to get rid of the dirty snow from your shoes.

There are carpet cleaners who love cleaning your carpet in winters too.

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