Every one of us has at least once encountered the situation of carpet stains. It is somewhat inevitable that your carpet wouldn’t remain blotch free forever.

The factors can be the new dog who is still not accustomed the rules of its new home or could be due to the birthday bash that you threw last weekend.

You can consider yourself fortunate if your carpet went stain free through these situations.

Here we have compiled few common carpet stains agents that you are bound to encounter someday or another.

Animal lovers: You need to take extra care!

Most people love to have a pet living alongside with them in their home. Most of the carpet owners clean their carpets because of their pet accidents.

A pet stain is tough to remove the first time. The urine of pets like a cat contains uric acid and sodium which decomposes very slowly.

It also include hormones, which let the cat know their “spot” leading them to search for the same place to urinate continually.

Toddlers: Need an extra effort to put in

As a parent, keeping the house cleaned is a continuous battle with kids living in the house.

Parents dread for the time when their child’s mess will end up on the floor or worse on the carpet.

The smell is terrible, and you end up thinking your carpet is done for good.

Professional carpet cleaners by implementing their good technical methods will deep clean your carpets and help you to get their shine back.

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Do dirt and dust cause a problem?

Living in a colder region can be devastating for your carpet.

Guests drag the snow and dirt inside the house with them and onto the carpet;

this can be prevented by asking the guests to remove their shoes before entering the house and placing floor mats at the entrance.

But if your carpet is beyond a point of return, you should consider getting it cleaned.

Enjoy partying? But, beware of the after effects!

Throwing a party is the most stain-prone events that you and your carpet will ever encounter.

If you have lots of people coming over for the party, the footprints alone can do a lot of damage to your carpet.

No matter how many people you host, you will see lots of dirt and mud accumulated in and around the entrance and across the main hallway.

Wines and alcohol stains are something that is unavoidable!

As people get their carpet cleaned before hosting the party, it is advisable to the customers that they get their carpet cleaned after the party and not before that.

Professional help at your rescue…

The most important thing is not to go hard on your kids or the guests for this puny stuff.

You can always get a professional cleaner to get your carpet cleaned in no time. ​

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