A carpet acts as a noise absorber, a cushioned flooring, and poses as a good fashion statement for your home.

But owning a carpet comes with responsibility.

It needs timely maintenance and clean ups to ensure good health of the carpet and your home.

It could be a challenging task to clean your carpet, especially when it’s in your kitchen or dining area.

You might even be experiencing more trouble keeping your carpet clean and smelling fresh if you have kids and pets at home.

You need own up to the fact that just as much as their presence is a delight – it could be your carpet’s worst nightmare.

However, what if you knew you could use your kitchen ingredients to clean your carpet in your kitchen?

Yes, you can!

You’ve heard about various methods of carpet cleaning such as vacuum cleaning, no-equipment cleaning, professional cleaning, and DIY shampoo cleaning.

So here’s an addition, using food items for carpet cleaning!

7 Food Items That Can be Used for Carpet Cleaning

It’s no surprise that some ingredients might work wonders on your carpet.

Read on to know know about secret carpet cleaning tips from the experts?

1. Beer

Beer has been renowned for its place not just on bar racks, but also for various beauty hacks such as hair softening.

Here’s another application of beer to its list.

The fuzzy drink is super effective against coffee stains that have long settled onto your carpet fibers.

All you need is a wash cloth and half a cup of beer.

Pour this alcoholic liquid onto the cloth and then rub the cloth onto the desired area on the carpet.

Leave this on for 10 minutes, and then wipe the area clean with a clean wet cloth.

2. Salt

Salt is a great cleanser, it’s used to give taste to food, for teeth whitening, for agricultural purposes, as well as used in the manufacturing of paper.

It’s no surprise that salt has the application of carpet cleaning to its credit, owing to its purifying properties.

Salt is an efficient spot remover especially for grease removal.

Simply add enough salt on the stained area so it is covered by salt and then leave it on for a minute.

You’ll find that the salt has absorbed the grease, preventing its penetration into the carpet fibers.

Further, go ahead and brush up the carpet to remove the leftover particles and then wash off your carpet.

3. Lemon

This is another effective solution for removing grease stains off your carpet.

  • Apply lemon juice to the affected area of your carpet.
  • Leave it on for an hour and then wash it off.

Your carpet will be stain-free by this easy method.

4. White Beans

You may have never heard of this trick before, however, it is beneficial to remove oily stains off your carpet.

The only drawback is that this method is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

  • You start by soaking the white beans in water and boiling them in hot water after they’ve swollen.
  • The beans then need to be extracted from the water and the water is further used to wet the affected area on your carpet.

In case the stains are extremely saturated, you can add vinegar and lemon juice to enhance its effectiveness.

5. Potato

As strange as this sounds, it works really well.

The osmosis-effect of potato is useful for sucking in grease stains from your carpet.

  • All you have to do is cut the potato into two parts, and place them on the affected area.
  • This needs to be left on for a day, followed by cleaning it with lukewarm water and a cotton cloth.

This should work, if it doesn’t work well, you can add vinegar to the area.

6. Natural Mustard

This is the best solution for delicate or woolen carpet fibers.

  • Dissolve one cup of dry mustard in water.
  • Filter out the solution using a cloth wash.
  • This liquid should then be added to 10 liters of warm water.
  • Spray this onto your carpet, leaving it on for 2-3 hours.
  • While rinsing it off, be sure to add 1 teaspoon hartshorn.

7. White Wine

Parties are fun as they involve music, dance, delicious food, and drinks.

What about red wine? Most parties are incomplete without it, aren’t they?

That said, food spills are expected mishaps, not to forget red wine spills and the dreadful stains they leave behind on your pretty carpets.

Well, don’t you worry. There’s an extremely powerful yet ironic solution to this. White wine it is!

It’s kind of absurd, yet true!

You’ll ever only believe it, if you try it yourself.

All you need to do is pour a little white wine onto the red spot and wait for it to work its magic. The stain should then be rubbed gently using soapy water and a cotton cloth

So remember, white wine is your carpet’s best friend, it never leaves stains behind.

Still Can’t Get Rid of Some Stains?

Every home has wet wipes in the kitchen or baby wipes if you have kids.

So, here’s a new application of these wet wipes, apart from its usual purpose – cleaning your carpets.

This is an extremely inexpensive method for getting rid of stains.

This is one of the best home-made remedies for spilled coffee.

The wet wipe acts as an absorbent for any freshly spilled coffee as well as gives the fibers a deep clean.

So the next time, someone at home spills that cup of coffee, let your wet wipes do the cleaning.

#Pro Tip
Ensure that you maintain the health of your carpet on a regular basis by vacuuming regularly.

Some believe it is not good to vacuum too often, but that is just a myth.

Also, others believe that it is not important to have experts clean your carpets twice a year as recommended.

Carpet cleaning professionals understand the importance of regular cleaning and will suggest the same to you.

They’ll ensure that they treat your carpet with care. They’ll go for a deep steam clean, dry vacuum clean up, stain removal and much more,

Read this to understand what to expect from a carpet cleaning professional.

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