It’s tough keeping your carpets new and smelling fresh all the time.

Yet there are many homeowners who are able to keep them clean and fragrant on a regular basis.

They don’t spend a lot of money on professional carpet cleaning in Columbia and other synthetic and harmful cleaning products.

Do you also want to learn about the cheap tips and tricks that these homeowners follow?

Look no further!

8 Hacks to Keep Your Carpets Clean and Smelling Fresh!

1. Ditch Your Shoes

This is the first and foremost rule at their place, everyone needs to abide by it – family and their guests.

Here’s how you can also do it.

  • Get your family into the habit of removing their shoes as soon as they enter the house.
  • You can also put up a creative or a quirky sign for your guests also to follow the ‘no shoes in the house’ rule.
  • If removing shoes is not an option, invest in shoe protectors and insist everyone uses it.

If you wear shoes in the house it is pretty obvious it will increase the amount of dirt in your house and mess that expensive carpet.

Did you know that they are a number one reason for your carpet to wear out quickly?

2. Use Carpet Protection

If you place an expensive carpet in the living room or in any other area of the house, which has a lot of foot traffic then, of course, it will get damaged.

Therefore, use a lot of carpet protection to protect it from heavy will help protect it.

That said, the carpets will still need regular maintenance but the amount of damage will be reduced.

If carpets are under heavy furniture, consider adding mats to reduce its wear and tear in specific areas.

3. Sprinkle Baking Soda Before You Vacuum

Cleaning isn’t enough when there’s a foul smell from the carpet.

Sprinkle baking soda before you vacuum, this will make it smell fresh for a longer period of time.

If you want you can also add a few drops of essential oils.

Let it settle for 10 mins and then vacuum as usual.

4. Vacuum Consistently

You don’t have to vacuum rigorously but it needs to be consistent and a simple way to keep the carpets clean for long.

Tray and vacuum at least twice a week to see positive and clean results.

You’ll notice the difference within a few weeks.

Regular vacuuming picks up dirt and grime and doesn’t let them settle down.

5. Replace Vacuum Bags and Filters Regularly

No matter how effective your vacuum cleaner is, you need to regularly clean its filters or bags before they are totally full.

This also ensures your carpet stays clean for a long time.

One of the main reasons to clean the dirtbags regularly is to ensure the vacuum cleaner doesn’t lose its suction power.

If it does, it won’t be able to clean your carpets effectively.

6. Clean at least Twice a Year

There is nothing like getting your carpets deep cleaned.

It protects your carpet and makes them as clean as possible.

Don’t wait for your carpet to get dirty.

Instead schedule a professional deep clean twice a year.

You can either rent a carpet cleaning machine or you call in a professional for the same.

That said, calling in a professional is definitely a better choice.

7. Keep an Emergency Kit Handy

You can protect your carpets from stains by keeping a few things handy.

6 Ways to Ensure a Clean Carpet

  • Invest in a commercial stain remover as per the fiber of your carpet for those stubborn stains.
  • For wine and beer stains, keep club soda around.
  • Most of the stains can be removed by using shaving cream.
  • For chewing gums, you can try rubbing ice on it, it freezes the gum and comes out easily.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to clean any blood stains.
  • Use the the ‘classic dishwasher detergent in water’ solution for all your spills.

Keeping all these things handy will ensure you can quickly any kind of stains.

8. Deal With Stains Right Away

The longer you let the stains set the harder it is to get rid of them, therefore, always remember to treat them right away.

Don’t scrub the stains, always blot them so that you don’t damage the fiber.

If the dirt is solid like food or mud, then scrape it off with a blunt knife.

Quick Carpet Deodorizer Recipe

Here’s a very simple trick to keep your carpets smelling fresh.

You’ll need the following.

  • Borax
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oils of your choice

Mix borax and baking soda in a container.

Add about 30 drops of essential oils and mix well.

You can store this mixture in an airtight bottle.

Sprinkle it 10 to 15 minutes before you vacuum.

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