So, when I had initially moved into my new apartment, I called in the carpet cleaning experts for the yearly cleaning.

But what I didn’t know is that you need to be ‘prepared’ when these pros swing by your house.

I thought they would take care of everything and I wouldn’t really need to do anything.

Boy, was I wrong!

I learnt the hard way that more often than not, moving furniture around is not a free service.

And if anything is damaged, it’s not insured.

It still hurts when I think about my antique vase and the thousands of pieces it was found in!

Anyway, long story short, I now know how to prepare before the professionals take over.

Read this and you’ll know it too…

7 Pointers to Keep in Mind Before the Carpet Cleaning Professionals Arrive

1. Hire the Best Carpet Cleaning Company

The preparations start when you shop around to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

Always make sure you rely on the best of the best!

This way they will clean thoroughly and satisfactorily.

A great way to establish if the company is the right one for you or not is to communicate with them.

Also, don’t forget to check reviews and ask people about their services.

2. Keep Fragile Objects Away

Make sure there are no fragile objects anywhere near your carpet.

Items like table lamps, vase, and any other decorative pieces.

Most carpet cleaning companies will not move the fragile items because if they are damaged, they will be liable to compensate for them.

3. Move the Furniture Too

Remove all small or big pieces of furniture.

Like your dining chairs/table, stools, small tables, or ottomans so that they have extra space to clean.

If you live alone, you can ask them to help you but they may be ask you to pay an additional amount for it. So, you can clarify this when you schedule an appointment with them.

Cooperating with your carpet cleaners will help them do a better job.

Also, make sure the floor is cleared off toys, legos or books if you have kids and/or pets.

4. Keeps Kids and Pets in a Safe Spot

Usually, when you get your carpet cleaned, it is recommended that you keep your pets and kids away from the cleaning zone.

This is mainly for two reasons

They can trouble the experts while they are working.

Both, little kids and pets can be sensitive to the products, noise or smell and that can cause irritation.

Also, don’t let your children and/or pets near the carpet before it dries. They can leave foot/paw prints on your freshly cleaned carpet.

5. Pin Up the Drapes

Pretty obvious, it will be a mess when your carpets are getting cleaned.

You wouldn’t like the dirt or the cleaning solution to get sprayed or splashed on your drapes, would you?

Therefore, pin up the longer drapes so that they are as far away from the carpets as possible.

Better yet, if possible, remove them and put them back once the carpets have dried.

6. Designated Parking Spot

Keep your driveway or a parking spot available for the carpet cleaner as they would need space to offload the carpet cleaning equipment.

Preferably, keep a designated parking spot close to the house to make it easier for them.

7. Identify Stubborn Stains

Make a note of the areas and spots you are most concerned about. Let them know before they start the cleaning process.

This will ensure they more attention to those areas and stains on the carpet.

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