The prestigious Lancaster University is the reason why this city experiences an influx of students from all around the world.

Tourists and travelers looking to get away from the hectic pace of their city lives prefer vacationing in the picturesque Lancaster countryside quite often.

Lancaster is the most significant settlement in the county. The stunning countryside around it still gives it a distinctly rural feel.

This is why a considerable number properties are rented here by students, corporate junkies, and families.

Home is where the heart is. A place where you return from your days’ monkey business – after college, office or pubs at midnight.

A good home offers a feeling of comfort and security, but unfortunately, some rented homes fail to do that, especially in the beginning.

The most frustrating aspect of rental space is not able to make permanent amendments. “Take it or leave it. We will find someone else.” If rental homes could speak, this would have been their favorite sentence.

Whether you wish to eliminate the feeble furniture, stick giant size wallpaper of your favorite band or even knock down the ugly wall, it doesn’t make sense to spend in a home that you don’t own.

Similarly, you can do very little about the bathroom tiles or kitchen counters, cabinets and even the carpeting.

Eliminating the gloomy carpeting and installing a new one is an overly expensive affair. After all, there are different costs allocated to carpet replacement and carpet installation, availing both at the same time can get a bit off budget. Some even charge you for moving the furnitures-back and forth.

Hence, landlords try to keep them for decades.

This implies that you’ll have to live with dingy, stinky, and unhealthy carpets unless your landlord agrees to change it or you’ll have to pay for a new carpet.

If you are living with ugly carpets, here’s what you can do to brighten your home.

What You Can do to Brighten Your Home

1. Distract

One of the best ways to deal with ugly carpets is to distract from it by making your walls (and even your ceiling!) even more aesthetic.

You can do this by painting the walls, i.e. if your landlord is okay with it.

Select colors that complement your carpeting and grabs attention in a snap.

Invest in something which is beautiful and better to look at.

Add decorative items such as chandeliers, removable wallpapers, decals, and more to help divert attention from the floor.

Remember not to overload it with anything and everything you find. You have to give your eyes a visual ‘rest.’

The point is to create a room with an objective to focus more on the decor than the carpet.

2. Cover it Up

Another fantastic option to cover up your hideous carpets is by placing rugs on them.

Is your carpet excessively torn or damaged at certain spots? Well, plant rugs on such spots.

Layered rugs are so in vogue today. They are readily available in the local carpet and rugs store.

Investigate the areas in your rental home to determine the ideal spots for the placement of rugs.

Strategically place them in areas that receive the highest foot traffic.

In this way, you’ll inflict minimum damage on your carpets.

However, keep in mind, don’t place rugs everywhere.

This is because first, it’s expensive and second,  it may end up looking silly. Carpets covered with multiple rugs, so gross.

The idea here is to make smart and creative decisions by adding cool and funky colors and textures to your decor.


Woven rugs are what you should be looking for. Not only are they budget friendly but they are also more appealing.

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3. Practice Good Maintenance

Maintaining clean carpets can be the most stressful aspect of living in rental homes.

Not only are they most examined during the move-out inspections, but they also they tend to wear out quickly.

Fortunately, you can try these hacks and use items that are already a part of your kitchen.

The best part is that they are inexpensive and work like a charm.

In addition to all this, stock your home with the basic carpet cleaning supplies. Your checklist should include eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions, rags, a brush, and a vacuum.

Don’t forget to vacuum daily.

Vacuuming your carpets every day will eliminate the dust, debris, and grime that settle on the carpets.

Unwanted elements that have been in the carpets for a long duration can cause acute respiratory problems over time.

Dirty carpets degrade the quality of the air you breathe, hence vacuum daily.

Also, don’t forget to attend to spills immediately.

4. Get it Professionally Cleaned

If you plan on living in your rental home for long, it is recommended that you hire a professional carpet cleaning company annually if not quarterly.

There are numerous benefits associated with the professional carpet cleaning. Prominent ones include the following

  • Professional carpet cleaners can help you restore the look and feel of your carpet instead of replacing them. Restoring costs are lesser than replacing and installing a new one, any day.
  • Carpet cleaning depends on various significant factors like carpet age, carpet fibers, foot traffic, and the degree of spills/stains soaked by your carpet. A professional can employ the best possible technique to get rid of everything unwanted.
  • Your local carpet cleaning company is well versed with problems revolving around carpet cleaning and how to deal with them in the most efficient way possible.
  • Professional cleaning of your carpet can increase the life-span of your carpets and enhance the quality of the air you breathe.
  • They even provide FREE estimates!

If hiring a professional carpet cleaner is totally out of your budget, consider renting carpet cleaning machines.

Suggested frequency is twice every year.

Dri-Masters for Carpet Cleaning

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