Admit it; carpets get dirty – all the time!

For years they are attacked by shoes, whatever is at the bottom of your shoes, food articles and sometimes even liquid.

Everyday activities – whether you like it or not – that involve your kids, pets, guests and sometimes even you injure your carpet beyond repair.

With summer almost here, people in Baltimore start planning to complete various activities and chores during this time.

More outings, picnics, friends, guests, and fun sets the tone for days or even weeks.

This also means that your carpets will have to endure more than ever before.

Before you start stressing over this ugly reality, here are some expert home carpet cleaning tips you may need this summer for cleaner and healthier carpets.

Although simple, these are crucial carpet cleaning tips which shall get you through this season and the months to come.

There’s also a little surprise, so keep reading…

4 Must-Follow Carpet Cleaning Tips for the Summer Months

1. Vacuum Often

The need to vacuum your carpets can never be emphasized enough.

Summer, rain or winter – vacuuming has to be performed every day or every week.

There is no escaping taxes and vacuuming.

The areas that receive high foot traffic must be vacuumed twice a week, and the sections nearby or the remaining areas must be vacuumed regularly.

This practice helps in reducing the soil build up over time.

2. Vacuum at High Speeds

After vacuuming, another debate revolves around the speed at which you should vacuum your carpets.

Experts propose it is a wise to begin vacuuming slowly to remove as much dirt as possible.

The next step is to make quick rounds over the regions with low traffic and slow passes over the regions with high traffic.

The regime of two slow passes helps in removing the dirt faster than merely having fast passes.

3. Make Use of Walk-off Mats

You cannot control the high foot traffic areas but you can certainly control the amount of dirt that notoriously seeps into the carpets and its fibers by using walk-off mats.

You can place them inside and outside – both.

Coarse-textured mats are effective in preventing soil from settling in the carpets whereas water absorbent mats contribute in soaking the excess water from your footwear and ruining your carpets.

4. Never Take Bids Over the Phone

A good service professional is the one who has a licensed, insured and bonded carpet cleaning company,  is equipped with expert staff, and all the required tools and equipment.

They will provide FREE ESTIMATION and exact quotes for the carpet cleaning services and will assure 100% customer satisfaction when the task is completed.

Also, the staff will also be more than happy to extend their valuable tips on carpet cleaning and how you can maintain them until their next visit.

What is so special about getting your carpets cleaned in summer?

Summer is a brilliant time for the carpet cleaning industry.

The market experiences an influx of homeowners looking to purchase and install new carpets or get them professionally cleaned.

Just because the market is buzzing with customers all the time, the carpet cleaning company turns a bit too benevolent during this season.

If you have been putting off that cleaning for long now, it’s time you get in touch with the nearest carpet cleaning company.

In summer, you’ll get amazing deals and discounts on carpet cleaning.

You may have started seeing the flyers around already.

But also beware of scams dressed in the name of discounts.

Usually, the carpet cleaning costs are categorized into room per square feet. The prices are fairly standard.

Hence, check with the company if they are charging otherwise.

Before hiring one, ensure the following.

Are they licensed, insured, and bonded?
Is the staff polite, punctual and well equipped?
Do they have good reviews and ratings about their work?
Will they provide a free estimate?
Will they also offer 100% customer satisfaction?

4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners in Baltimore

  1. You’ll get spot-free, clean and healthy carpets.
  2. It will improve the quality of the air you inhale.
  3. It will prepare your carpets to deal with all that moisture that is yet to envelop in Baltimore. Excessive humidity is bad for your carpets.
  4. It will help to elongate the lifespan of your carpets.

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